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When Guido Met Mirna

Mirna is already pissed off at her driver, and she says "rapido" a few more times in case he didn't get it. She adds in a weird Latin accent, "This is too little bit rapido!" Why in the hell would you speak broken English to an Ecuadorian cab driver? Why? WHY? She has me capital-letters-confused already. John Vito just says, "Amigo, you go in front of them." This works, and his driver passes Mirna and her little bit rapido driver. Charla and Mirna decide to try to offer money for speed, so Mirna says "muy dolare," which isn't... anything, and Charla says "Muy dinero rapido." Meaning "very fast money," sort of, though it's more like "very money fast." I really hope this isn't one of those languages they're always claiming to speak, because most of what they're saying sounds like it came from a spam email. Rob busts out "rapido, mas, por favor," and the irony is that he's trying much less hard, and he's doing better. Not perfect, but better.

It does appear that Rob and Amber's driver knew a shortcut, because here they are at the plaza first. Oswald and Danny follow, and are none too happy to have been beaten to the punch by Rob and Amber. Jill and John Vito show up, and then Charla and Mirna. Rob finds the clue box and opens the clue, which tells them to go three miles to Pim's Restaurant, where the manager will be giving them a morning departure time of 7:00 AM, 7:15 AM, or 7:30 AM. These four teams take off, with Charla assuming that it must be an eating task, because of the restaurant destination. Teri and Ian get their clue last, but they leave for the restaurant soon enough.

Pim's Restaurant. Rob and Amber and JVJ get there almost on top of each other and get 7:00 AM departure times. Oswald and Danny and Charla and Mirna arrive, and they, too, get 7:00 AM departures. The teams appear to be sleeping in a tent on some cots, in a sort of junior sleepaway camp setup. In Amber's Interview Of Declining Appeal Even Relative To Her Husband, Amber says that if you asked them who they'd really like to race against, they wouldn't be able to think of anybody. But she thinks that if you ask the other teams, they'd all want to race against her and Rob. That's just one of those things that, even if you think it, you just don't say, because it sounds terrible. I think she doesn't mean it as bad as it sounds -- I think she's using it more as "everybody's gunning for us" rather than "we're so awesome," but it can't help sounding totally conceited and irritating. In an interview, Oswald says, "We've known of Rob and Amber, because obviously... we live on this planet." That being, of course, Planet CBS. The whirlwind of interviews continues as Mirna says that Rob and Amber are "fierce competitors." John Vito is a little more blunt, saying he's "had enough of Rob and Amber," and he thinks "America may have also." Heh. I'm actually glad they kind of spent fifteen seconds on that and got on with it, because that way, it didn't take up the entire episode. Like, "Do other people care? Let's see! Now: time to move on!" Rob and Amber share a hug and smooch, and Rob tells her they're still good at this after two years. Two whole years! When Teri and Ian get to the tent, they reveal that they were the first ones to get a later departure, so they're not happy about being in the doghouse among the early-arriving teams.

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