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When Guido Met Mirna

Elsewhere in the airport, Mary and David stop in a bookstore to buy an atlas, and they run into Rob and Amber. Mary still basically treats this as a celebrity sighting. David introduces himself to "Rob and Kim," and then sheepishly corrects himself. Rob and Kim were last season, dude. Heh. David interviews that they're big fans of Rob and Amber, and meeting them means that they've "already won." He's such a big fan, of course, that he didn't remember Amber's name. As the teams talk, Rob allows Mary to hug him, but... he's really not a hugger (I was somewhat grudgingly twirled, myself), and it winds up being a rather pitiful effort from both of them.

At American, Eric and Pink come up behind Guido. "We suck," Eric says to her. Charla and Mirna are next to get American tickets. Teri and Ian succeed also. But... that's it. No BQs, no Guido, no Eric and Pink. The last couple of teams are not even seen arriving at the airport, but once the planes start to go, Phil Phils us in on the situation. The good flight carries JVJ, Rob and Amber, Danny and Oswald, Mirna and Charla, and Teri and Ian. The bad flight carries the BQs, Guido, Dave and Mary, Eric and Pink, Kevin and Drew, and Uchenna and Joyce. The Amazing Yellow Lines explain that the Copa flight is stopping in Panama, which explains the difference in arrivals. Phil says that when the teams land in Quito, they have to take a taxi to the Plaza San Francisco and get their next clue. So, up to this point, we have your classic "fly here; go here."

The good flight lands. Oswald and Danny run through the airport, then Mirna and Charla. In the cab, Mirna's all, "Mas rapido, step on it!" I have a feeling I should have joined a pool where I could have been paid for every time Mirna says "rapido." I'd be buying a condo at the end of the season. JVJ and Rob and Amber get cabs, and then Teri and the Hat, who are last. Rob asks the driver if he knows a shortcut to the plaza, and the driver says he does. I suppose it's plausible that since it's late at night, there's a way that's faster that you wouldn't try during the day when traffic is different. When Teri and Ian get their cab, you can count this as the first appearance of the official Asshat, the hat Ian wore throughout season three, which (as previously noted) looks just like Pepe Le Pew joining the French Foreign Legion. Teri isn't very happy that they dropped right to the back of their little pack here. In his cab, Oswald complains that his hands are "clammy" and adds, "And my face is going through, like, menopause." I don't even know why that's funny, or what it means precisely, but it certainly made me laugh. Makes Danny laugh, too.

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