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Babes In Thailand

Eric and Jeremy take Altar It, mentioning that they weren't happy with their previous choice of a strongly physical Detour. Meanwhile, MoJo approaches the ferry and heads for Koh Kret. Ray and Yolanda get on a ferry close behind. MoJo hunts around for a clue, as Ray and Yolanda run into Eric and Jeremy as the former are leaving the garden and the latter are arriving. Ray and Yolanda also choose Altar It. Monica and Joseph are still wandering, and they're fortunate to run into Ray and Yolanda, because Yolanda advises them: "Deep in the back," so that they can find it. Again, I don't know why she's helping, but...whatever. They find the clue and decide to do the Buddha shrine, because they're pretty sure they know where it is.

Tyler is almost done with his crickets. He finally finishes and is told that he's done. They get the directions to the next pit stop, which is the Marble Temple in Bangkok. "You have cricket on your face," Tyler says, trying and failing to be as funny as "Just that stupid goatee." They head for the pit stop.

Eric and Jeremy arrive at the shrine and pick up what seems to be some kind of shrine-making kit. They observe the gold-leafing for a while, and then they get going. Ray and Yolanda get started next. Monica and Joseph arrive, but when they see that both of the other teams are already working, they decide that they need to do the other Detour, because if they do this one, they have no chance of getting out of last place. I think that's probably the right call -- you can't just be third in line, because you're too close to the pit stop, and this isn't a task where you're likely to make up a lot of time.

Eric and Jeremy and Ray and Yolanda continue working. MoJo arrives at the pottery factory. She finds a long board with pots all along it to be very heavy. They need directions, among other things. I'm also concerned about all the broken pots they're leaving along the way. I hope nobody's feet get cut. It's one of those Tasks of Extreme Tort Liability that always make me so nervous.

BJ and Tyler head for the pit stop, congratulating themselves for their wonderful comeback from a state of having no pants and no money. Of course, they received free stuff from other teams, which doesn't really make them awesome. They arrive at the temple and head for the mat. They run to Phil, who welcomes them as team number one. He asks them for their Travelocity clue, and he tells them that if they have a golden gnome in their envelope, they will get a great prize. But they have no golden gnome, so there is no prize. Too bad, suckers. Maybe one of the other teams will just hand theirs over to you as an act of generosity. In any event, Phil tells them they'll be in the final. Every freaking episode. Yeesh.

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