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Babes In Thailand

Joseph and Yolanda are still working. Their partners cheer for them. Joseph finishes, and he presents his feast to the very hungry monkeys. He and Monica leave for the ferry. Yolanda then finishes, and they leave as well. She did well with that task, actually, which is a good thing, given the fact that she's pretty much stuck doing all their Roadblocks, I think. It's a good thing she didn't have some kind of feast-making trauma earlier in life that would have made it difficult for her to participate. They recovered nicely from that failed FF attempt. Ray is sure that the hippies are struggling with the bugs.

Aaand on that note...we cut to BJ throwing up into a bucket. Hey, no purging! That's a rule! Tyler floats the idea of giving up and quitting. "We're in big trouble," he and BJ agree. But since we're going to the commercials, you know that it will turn out to be meaningless, and you are right.

Commercials. If Apple thinks that PCs are bad for listening to music on a player, they need to listen to my new Creative Zen Vision:M, because shut up, Apple people.

BJ and Tyler are continuing to eat crickets when we return. They are at least making a show of being in great distress, which I'm confident the show appreciates. BJ is motivating himself by thinking about the money a lot, which I'm sure works better than thinking about eating pieces of crickets a lot. One of them comments that at the bottom of the bowl, "it's all legs and exoskeletons." Props for the use of the word "exoskeleton," but still: eeeew. BJ finishes his crickets, and the lady comes over and pronounces that he's done. Now, we are down to Tyler, who still has quite a bit left.

Eric and Jeremy hop on a ferry for Koh Kret. Jeremy terms it "a unique experience for myself," which I guess qualifies as his moment of enlightenment. When they're off the ferry, they find their way to the garden to search for their clue. "Man, this is beautiful, dude," Jeremy observes. They find their way to the clue box, and when they pull the clue, it's a Detour. Phil explains that the choices here are Move It or Altar It. In Move It, you move 72 clay pots through the crowded streets of this chaotic marketplace by lining them up on boards that you will then carry. This is the task for the more coordinated. In Altar It, you make a shrine to Buddha, using parts to assemble it and then covering a statue in gold leaf. When it's finished, you get your clue. This is the task for the detail-oriented. Really, that's what Phil says!

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