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When MoJo arrives at the pagoda, they're very unhappy to learn that they're actually the last team to get there. Joseph takes the Roadblock. "We're out of it," Monica moans. I guess they're picking up the slack from Fran and Barry, as far as predicting their own demise. Jeremy wants to know where they've been, and Monica says they were under the impression that the place opened at 4:50 AM. "What time was your bus?" she wonders. "Ours was at midnight," he says plainly. Joseph wants to know where everybody else is, and Jeremy says they both went for the FF. "You're going to be ahead of one person if you hurry," he correctly says. Monica tells Jeremy she thought she and Joseph were in first place. "Man, did you think wrong," he says. I like a guy who doesn't pull his punches, especially when it comes to telling the snooty that they have nothing to be so snooty about.

Eric is still cutting and arranging fruit, which I'm sure is not what he saw himself doing when he pictured how studly he would seem while racing on television. He mentions to Joseph that some of the stuff kind of stinks, although apparently, the monkeys like it. Ray and Yolanda soon return, and Yolanda takes the feast-making Roadblock. Ray opines to those present that doing the entire bowl of bugs is going to take BJ and Tyler a decent amount of time. Monkeys steal part of Yolanda's feast in progress, and she scolds them. It turns out that the monkeys are not so much intending to wait patiently to be fed. I've seen that kind of moment play out in college dining halls.

BJ and Tyler, eating crickets and grasshoppers. Tyler decides to get up and dance around. Idiot. "I thought I ordered pad thai!" BJ yells. At least he has that level of good judgment, because pad thai? Delicious.

Eric and Yolanda and Joseph work on the monkey feast. The monkeys continue to approach, interrupting and stealing parts of the feast as it's being built. As a matter of fact, the monkeys are practically swarming, which makes it difficult to keep up. Eric finishes first, and he moves his feast table over so that it can be attacked by the monkeys in earnest, and then he and Jeremy can leave. The clue tells them to take a ferry to Koh Kret Island. Phil tells us that on the island, they will then go to the Buddha Garden, which is a "local meditation center," and search for a clue while undoubtedly destroying any sense of calm that the place could ever have mustered. Eric and Jeremy get a taxi and leave.

BJ and Tyler, eating bugs. Tyler is very full. He thinks he wouldn't like to have any more bugs, but it turns out that the bugs are more of a requirement than an option, at this point.

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