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Lopburi. BJ and Tyler arriving. They catch the other teams at the pagoda. At 8:00 AM, the gates open and everyone goes and finds the clue box, with a hippie observing that MoJo is still MIA. The clue first features a Travelocity envelope that says, "Open at Pit Stop." There is also a Fast Forward. Phil tells us that this is the second and last FF, and that in this one, the teams take a two-mile taxi ride to a restaurant where they will have to eat a big bowl of crickets and grasshoppers. The first team to eat the whole bowl will get the FF. Large amounts of disgusting food! Welcome back; no one missed you. Both BJ and Tyler and Ray and Yolanda decide to try for the FF, and they get in taxis.

Back at the clue box, Eric and Jeremy open a Roadblock clue. This Roadblock has maybe the best title ever: "Prepare Monkey Feast." That is very close to one of the names that my pub quiz used to use, believe it or not, before we became "Third Place Dick." The feast has to be prepared in a particular, very ceremonial fashion, and when it's done, the team will get its clue. Eric takes it for his team. Jeremy dryly tells us that this was a good Roadblock for Eric. "I've seen him prepare meals for monkeys very often, and he really knows what he's doing." When did I start finding him funny? Oh, right. When I got sick of BJ and Tyler to the point of requiring medical attention.

In the BJ and Tyler cab, they are arriving at the restaurant in the lead. Meanwhile, Yolanda is accidentally awesome when she wonders aloud in her cab what the FF will be. "An after-school favorite...a game of football? Cricket?" Yes, she said "cricket." BJ and Tyler are presented with the big bowls of crickets -- the have one each -- and they are a little disheartened, if only by the volume. Ray and Yolanda arrive soon after. The teams try to convince each other that they might not want to do this, since MoJo wasn't even at the Roadblock yet when they left. Yolanda assures Tyler she can eat "anything fried." Heh. BJ and Tyler get their bowls first, and they get started. Ray and Yolanda get their bowl next, with Ray noting, "They got a two-cricket headstart." Heh. Yolanda eats the first one and isn't sure she can eat an entire bowl. Ray reminds her that MoJo might not even be there, and they can still go back. She's up for that, so they bail. It's as un-stupid of a decision of that kind as there can be, probably. After all, only one team is going to get it, and if you think it might not be you, it's in your interests to bail sooner rather than later. Quitting is generally a bad idea, but if you're going to do it, do it quickly. They cab it back to the pagoda, hoping they're still in front of MoJo.

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