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Babes In Thailand

Bus terminal. Eric and Jeremy get inside, and they learn that the earliest bus leaves at midnight. They clamber on board. Ray and Yolanda follow, and they get on the same bus. When MoJo gets there, their driver takes them inside, and he tells them that all the ticket counters are closed. It's not clear why he would have it in for them unless he thinks they're going to take the cab to Lopburi, so I guess that's what he thinks if he's pulling this much of a scam. Convinced that the bus station doesn't even open to sell tickets until 5:00 in the morning, MoJo heads for a hotel room. That is not good news. That's why you don't want to allow people with a possible axe to grind to tell you what to do.

The first bus, with Eric and Jeremy and Ray and Yolanda, leaves at midnight. MoJo heads for a hotel.

The second flight, which has been delayed, lands, and BJ and Tyler get a cab to the bus terminal. When they get there, they get tickets on a 5:00 AM bus. Then at 4:00 AM, MoJo heads out of their hotel. BJ and Tyler, meanwhile, wait at the bus terminal to see who else shows up. But outside, they learn that the bus is actually leaving now, so they get on board. Their bus leaves without MoJo, who is heading inside. There, they get tickets on a 5:20 AM bus, which they confirm is the first one leaving. Of course, the lady means that it's the first one leaving starting now, while Joseph thinks it's the first one leaving today. Not so! They get on the last bus, and Monica is unhappy that there are no other teams around. Joseph tells her not to worry, and to assume they're doing it right. I don't know when he got so calm.

Eric and Jeremy and Ray and Yolanda arrive at Lopburi and get cabs to the pagoda. When they get there, however, they discover that the thing doesn't open until 8:00 AM. It's now 5:45, so they anticipate seeing everyone by the time it opens. As it gets light, we are treated to all sorts of monkey shots, including a great one of a monkey messing with the clue box. Eric comments that the monkeys have a good life and "don't have to go to work." This lifestyle appeals to your beach-bum types. "If we win a million dollars, we'll be monkeys," Jeremy remarks. Monkeys everywhere blanch. He says he's going to go get a better look at the monkeys. Yolanda thinks the monkeys "have germs," but Jeremy offers one of them a Pringle anyway. Ray comments that the monkeys look like "rats on steroids." As Jeremy stands by a fence, one of the monkeys leaps over and lands on his legs, clinging to his pants. "I think this monkey likes me," he says. Hey, he wanted somebody to be all over his shorts; it just happens to be monkeys and not women. Then we see that Eric has a monkey on his back (hey!) as well.

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