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Babes In Thailand

1:21 AM. Joseph and Monica. They read their clue, and Joseph also adds the "and no pants," so either this is a running joke that was invented at the pit stop, or it was printed on the clue. If it's the latter? Awesome job, clue-printers. As they run, Joseph uses an exaggerated Charlie Chan accent to say, "You go to Thailand! Oieee!" Man, rarely has an episode opened with so much "boo"-worthy behavior in such a short time. Joseph explains that they knew the Yield was personal, so they "definitely want to drive [BJ and Tyler] into the ground." They elect not to leave any offerings on the car, unsurprisingly. Monica says that BJ and Tyler are playing "mind games" because they fear the greatness of the MoJo. They wind up just behind Eric and Jeremy, whom they wind up passing, which Eric and Jeremy mostly think is stupid, since all they're doing is going to the airport, where a thirty-second difference in the middle of the night is unlikely to spell the difference between success and failure.

1:22 AM. BJ and Tyler. They are enthused about the idea of flying to Bangkok. And they also read the "and no pants," so props to whomever wrote the clue. We are given a gratuitous shot of BJ's legs, which I didn't need. I believed the clue! Tyler adds that BJ has no shoes, of course, also. They go to the lost and found, and it appears that they perhaps get some shoes. BJ is very happy to see, when they get to their car, that Yolanda has coughed up her precious purple pants. Tyler interviews that losing all their stuff "powers [them] up." BJ: "Monica and Joseph didn't leave us anything because they're not giving people." And me without my hip boots. "I think MoJo has a date with...not being in the race anymore," BJ says. Wow, it hurts when you realize in the middle that you don't know what you're going to say, doesn't it? Happens to me all the time. That's why I'm better in print than at parties. "We've had that date before," Tyler says, "but it stood us up." Do you suppose they hear how lame that sounds? Or do you suppose they're able to live happily oblivious? I kind of hope it's the latter.

Darwin Airport. Ray and Yolanda find nothing happening, but Yolanda gets on the phone and is told about a flight to Bangkok via Sydney that arrives at 11:00 PM. She makes reservations. Joseph and Monica arrive next. They find a guy to ask. The Choad Family follows. "Let's go harass MoJo," says someone -- Jeremy, I think. All the teams meet up inside. When Ray tells BJ and Tyler that there's nothing leaving until about 6:00 AM, BJ says that he and Tyler are going to go beg for a while. Tyler uses "T-Tow" as a word for "goodbye," like it's becoming his own private "Aloha," and then he and BJ are off. Ray says that it looks like BJ enjoys wearing Yolanda's running pants. And then he adds, "That's funny, man." Because really, what can you do when a hippie is wearing your girlfriend's pants? It's not a situation that calls for indignation, but you can't not react. You sort of have to imply that you always imagined it would be like this; a hippie in your girlfriend's pants. In other news, keep in mind that BJ and Tyler are bolting from the airport before they even get plane reservations. Why they wouldn't at least go inside and take care of that before begging is a mystery to me. Joseph and Monica, on the other hand, are reserving their flight as we speak. They're on the same flight via Sydney as Ray and Yolanda. Eric and Jeremy come up and ask if the guy is helping them get tickets, and Monica says no. "He's just looking up porn on the internet." This doesn't surprise Eric at all, of course. He knows how it is. Monica makes the point that if stupid Eric and Jeremy hadn't given BJ and Tyler shoes, he wouldn't have been allowed in the airport. Which is true. Because she has a point there, Eric lies that the flip-flops aren't from them anyway. There just aren't that many teams left, Eric; she's not going to believe that they came from the Flip-Flop Fairy. (Wow, that is so totally the name of my new children's book. No stealing!) Monica tells Eric and Jeremy to scoot while she gets her tickets. Eric and Jeremy go off and get on the phone, where they book tickets through Sydney.

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