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1:13 PM. Ray and Yolanda. The clue they rip tells them to fly to Bangkok, Thailand. Yay, I love it when they go to Thailand! Thailand has beaches and tuk-tuks! Per Phil, this is a journey of about 7000 miles. In Bangkok, they'll take a taxi to a bus terminal, then take a bus about 97 miles to Lopburi, where they'll find the Three Spire Pagoda. It's a Buddhist temple now inhabited by a zillion monkeys. Want more proof the race is getting easier? Yesterdays rats are today's monkeys. Anyway, the pagoda is where they'll find the next clue. As Ray and Yolanda leave, she drops off a pair of pants for BJ, which she leaves on the windshield. What? Seriously, what? Why would you want to help somebody else at this point in the race? Why? He's not going to die; it's just going to take him a while to beg for pants. He's half-naked, not dehydrated. Why speed him up? It makes no sense to me whatsoever, this giving of gifts. When you have literally depantsed the competition, you don't take it back. Yeesh. Ray talks about how "it's game time" and everything, but it clearly isn't game time, because at game time, you don't hand over part of your advantage. Boo! Yolanda says that they'll have to use both their physical abilities and their "mental skills." Like not giving away their stuff to people who will otherwise have to spend more time obtaining things.

1:20 AM. Eric and Jeremy. You'll notice, incidentally, that Ray and Yolanda didn't miss by much creating what would have been a four-way crazy-ass race for the mat. At any rate, as Jeremy reads the clue, where it says, "One team has zero dollars," he adds "and no pants." Hee. And then they leave a pair of sandals on BJ and Tyler's car. Boo, again. Boo! These teams almost deserve to lose, just for that dumb-ass move. "It's a nice thing to do, just because he's a person," Jeremy says. And...of course he's a person, but he's a person whose in a competition, and if he has to wait a while and find shoes on his own, he's not going to get hurt; it's just going to take longer. Why would that be something another team would want to ameliorate. Eric, for his part, says they're just going to try to be simple-minded, as they have been up to this point. Play to your strengths! I think it would be awesome if, the last time they left the mat, they were forced to stomp out their departure time, like a horse doing math, rather than having it displayed on the screen.

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