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Everyone is very tense in the cabs as the last three teams head for the pit stop. MoJo just hopes that the gold-leafing took a long time. Unsurprisingly, the first team to get to the temple is Eric and Jeremy. They run to the mat and meet up with Phil. Welcome, you are team number two. They produce their envelope, but they don't have the golden gnome either. They are, however, in the finals for the million dollars, which is the least surprising plot development of this season or any other.

Ray and Yolanda. MoJo. Ray and Yolanda! MoJo! Both teams pull up to the pit stop. Both teams are running. Ray and Yolanda are stopped on their way into the temple while she is told that she needs to cover her arms. Just another little perk of being a girl, along with so many other things. She's given a little shirt to put on, which she does. "I want this shirt," she comments. It's good that she can hang on to her priorities even during tense races to the mat. Races come and go; a cute shirt from an exotic locale is forever.'s Ray and Yolanda, landing as team number three. Not only that, but they have the gold gnome. They're going to be riding around on a yacht in Sydney, and they're also going to spend the night at a luxury hotel, so that will be nice. It would have been wasted on BJ and Tyler, who would have spent the entire time "T-Tow!"-ing the concierge, or Eric and Jeremy, who would have complained the entire time about the lack of dancing girls. Phil tells them that they're in the finals. Ray says he always thought they'd get to the finals, and Yolanda interviews that Ray is her pillar of strength. I, personally, cannot believe they did not get eliminated in any of the four billion situations in which they got lost. It's nice to know you don't really need a sense of direction in order to win.

Joseph and Monica land on the mat. You are last, and you are eliminated. She starts to cry, and Joseph tells her not to. She interviews through tears that he's her rock, and he tells Phil on the mat that he's proud of her. That, again. She says that their relationship is much better, and Joseph says they'll definitely be getting married and having a family. And while she's giving birth, he'll tell her to stop crying and getting upset. Just kidding! I'm sure that won't happen! Much!

And now, all three teams promise that they're the ones who are going to win. Jeremy, interestingly, comments that they do their thing, and Ray and Yolanda do their thing, and BJ and Tyler "follow everybody." Seems to be a lot of that opinion floating around. BJ, who has seen two previous episodes in which this was said, comments that "it is on like Donkey Kong." You are no Loud Pushy Frank, sir. That is for sure.

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