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Monica and Joseph carry pots. The pots are very heavy. They count as they complete the first trip, and they have 46 pots so far. So they don't even need to bring that many the second time. This should get easier, you know? Easier!

As Eric and Jeremy and Ray and Yolanda work on the shrine, Yolanda asks the boys why they chose this task. They remark that they do a lot of gold-leafing in their down time, and that they used to hold gold-leafing parties "to get a lot of girls." A crowing cock is inserted by your funny, funny editing staff as it occurs to me that their little subtitle really should not say "Friends." It should say "Wing Man/Wing Man." Both teams keep working. Eric and Jeremy are a bit ahead, but when they submit their guy the first time, they learn that they need to flatten down the gold leaf. Ray and Yolanda keep working. Eric and Jeremy finally get finished, and they receive their clue. It sends them to the pit stop, so they're on their way. Phil does another entire introduction of the pit stop, which seems kind of...weird. Eric and Jeremy get on a ferry.

Ray and Yolanda are also not done, and are told that they need to flatten down the gold a little better. Your gold is raggedy, people! Get with the program! Don't get eliminated! I want there to be someone I can root for without hating myself!

MoJo. Pots. Monica crosses herself and picks up the pots. Joseph says that he has four extras, but she drops her entire board worth of pots, so they're going to have to go back, like, a lot. She collapses into a heap of weepiness.

Commercials. That allergy bee is kind of harassing.

When we return, MoJo drops off the second load of pots and has to go back for a third. They're only seven pots short. Joseph tells her not to feel bad, as she frets that she feels like she let them both down. It's nice that he's finding it in his heart to give her a little bit of a break here at the end.

Eric and Jeremy are having a lot of trouble finding a taxi to the pit stop. Ray and Yolanda are having a lot of trouble with the leaf. They eventually get done, so they leave, happy that they're not too far behind Eric and Jeremy, and hoping that they're a bit in front of MoJo. Speaking of whom, Joseph is carrying the entire last load of pots, because Monica has allowed feelings of uselessness to translate into actual uselessness. When they arrive at the boat where they drop them off, they finally get their clue. They leave for the pit stop.

Eric and Jeremy still can't find a taxi. Aha -- there's one, at last. Eric thinks they ran about two miles to find one. When Ray and Yolanda get off their ferry, however, they seem to find a taxi right away. MoJo are on the ferry, with him insisting they're "never out of it." They get a taxi. In the car he dabs her eye with his shirt as he tells her that they did their best. Aww. That's pretty cute. It's also more effective than, say, ordering her not to be upset.

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