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Previously on Steal This Cab: The final four teams left Perth, Australia. BJ and Tyler decided that the love-spreading, funny, ironic thing to do was to stir up trouble by convincing Joseph that Eric was trying to steal his stuff. And, as George Carlin would say, people always want to take the good stuff. The curvy stuff. The blonde stuff. Eric and Jeremy canceled a couple of cabs, for which MoJo took the blame, despite the fact that Joseph appeared to be more like...a complicit spectator. While Eric and Jeremy wound up with no cab at all as a result of a righteous karmic beatdown, BJ and Tyler managed to get to the Yield marker in time to Yield MoJo for something they didn't so much do, despite the fact that MoJo was the first team behind the American Bored-ouins at the time and therefore the least strategically useful Yield target. Skydiving happened, leading to an overdose of "T-Tow!" (Recommended T-Tow Daily Allowance: Z-Zero.) Monica intermittently lost it, but when she and Joseph picked a better Detour than the Choad Family, she found it again, and they wound up in a three-way footrace to avoid last place with said Family and all its choadish members. Eric and Jeremy came in first in the footrace (second overall behind a surging Ray and Yolanda), and MoJo was next. BJ decided that of the two roads that diverged, he would take the one less traveled by, and that made all the difference. He and Tyler came in last. Unfortunately, it was a non-elimination round, so the same four teams are still here. Man, there have been two-term presidents and cases of foot fungus that are easier to get rid of than BJ and Tyler. Who will be

Credits. Wow, I miss Dave and Lori. [BOMP.]

Commercials. Wow, I do not miss the roaming gnome.

To underscore the theme of growing competition, this episode opens with a shot of bugs fighting, followed by one of crocodiles fighting. So as you now know, fighting takes place everywhere in nature, including the animal kingdom, as well as the Ivy League. Phil reminds that we are in the Australian Outback, home of aborigines and the Bloomin' Onion. Crikey! Serene (or formerly serene) Lake Bennett was the tenth pit stop, at which teams arrived, blah dee blah, mandatory rest period, no idea what's in store, might be a giant man-eating turtle, might be hunting through 4000 bowls of cereal to find the one with the red marble in it, blah blah blah. Phil wonders whether Ray and Yolanda can keep the big 'mo in spite of the big MoJo, and whether said MoJo and BJ and Tyler will distract themselves to the point of the first-ever joint elimination, an event that would make many people mightily happy at this point.

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