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Bopper and Mark finally get to start their leg at 10:38 AM, a resounding last place. Bopper says they're known for their comebacks. Considering they're leaving the mat more than three hours after the team ahead of them, more than two commercial breaks into the episode, in a leg with no artificial bunching, with a Speed Bump ahead of them, and after all of the other teams have already finished the Roadblock, they'll need more than a comeback. They'll need a time machine. Or, failing that, a Fast Forward.

Other Rachel and Dave and Team Penultimate show up in the next neighborhood at roughly the same time, but Other Rachel is the first to spot the barber at work. She hurries over to claim their next clue, just ahead of Vanessa and Ralph. Other Rachel reads from the Detour clue, "Pachyderm or Pack a Box?" Only she pronounces the first word as "patchy-derm," which, oddly enough, Dave doesn't rudely correct her for. Phil turns up in an elephant paddock, saying, "This Detour requires teams to immerse themselves in two jobs found throughout ancient Indian history." Could you vague that up a bit, Phil? For "Pachyderm," they need to decorate an elephant like the provided model, with all manner of fancy tackle, including a headdress, bells, and ornaments. And then, lest they feel too fancy after that, they'll have to schlep 15 wheelbarrows full of elephant poo onto a truck.

For "Pack-A-Box," Phil says they'll participate in India's spice trade, "which accounts for almost fifty percent of the world's supply." That's one of those facts that's interesting but not terribly surprising. As he says this, we see workers running hunks of ginger root through a strainer screen, I guess to shake out the loose dirt and sticks and whatever other byproducts are generated by the ginger-industrial complex. Phil says the teams will have to come to this "processing center" (which makes it sound more like a modern factory than the basic stone courtyard it clearly is), fill empty wooden boxes with dried ginger, then seal them, paint stencils on them, and take them to the depot for shipping. Again with the tasks that require racers to do more than one thing. I'm torn on whether that's a good thing, ten legs in. In any case, both lead teams (and it seems so weird to refer to Vanessa and Ralph that way) are going with Pachyderm.

Team Big Brother somehow finds the barber before Art and JJ do. Rachel bows to him theatrically and they get their clue and decide on Pachyderm, but JJ figures they can "win it on manual labor," so they're doing "Pack a Box." The only problem with the "win it on manual labor" strategy is that it only works if other teams are doing it too.

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