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Phil opens by telling us about Colchin, India's history as a global shipping center. "And on an island near the city: Bolgatty Palace, built almost 300 years ago." Phil strides across the grounds, telling us, "This former residence of the Dutch governors is now the start of the tenth leg in a race around the world." So how many Dutch governors used to live there at one time? Because that's a pretty big house. Other Rachel and Dave won the previous leg, again, some more, and so they get to be the first to start this leg, at 6:53 AM. They rip the clue, which Other Rachel can't even read and which the subtitle of the destination identifies as, simply, "Temple." Phil, however, spews a mouthful of syllables I won't even try to transcribe before saying that when they get there, they'll meet with the head priest, who will bestow upon them a blessing and their next clue. Other Rachel reads on, "As a sign of respect, before approaching the head priest, you must remove your shoes." I guess because despite being a head priest, he's a wizened old venerable dude who doesn't appear to own a shirt. No need to rub our superfluous apparel in his face. As they run for a cab, Other Rachel says it would be a huge disappointment not to win the million at this point, what with being the strongest team and all. "The only team that can beat us is ourselves," Other Rachel adds, like that's not a huge, huge threat.

Brendon and Rachel aren't terribly far behind, beginning the leg at 7:20 AM. Brendon interviews before the leg about how Other Rachel and Dave are the only team that can beat them, but they want to be rid of Art and JJ and Vanessa and Ralph due to their smack-talking. You'd think these two would be used to people hating them by now. Brendon concludes that they need to keep their head in the game and not be..."What's the word I'm looking for?" he prompts Rachel. "Emotional," Rachel eye-rolls. Brendon laughs at having the upper hand in that charming little exchange, even though I think the correct word is "unstable."

Art and JJ start the leg at 7:28 AM, in third place, and learn that they have $25 for this leg. That means they won't be going far, which in turn means it's going to be a bitch for Bopper and Mark to catch up to anyone. JJ talks stuffily about the lack of rest and the unceasing travel and a cold he's caught. "I think it has affected my sharpness," he admits, as though his temper's been dulled one whit. But he says it's time to "dig deep and man up and do it." The problem is that they seem to be having trouble getting a cab. And in a country with five million auto rickshaw drivers in it, no less.

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