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Sequesterville Express

In their cab, John prepares Jessica for the fact that they'll need to make a decision about the Express Pass if they get to Sandy Bottom and the derby moms are already in progress. "I feel like that's a really good plan," Jessica says. In fact, we now see that the derby moms have already finished, in sixth place. They get their clue from the brick maker and tell their cab driver to take them to the beach. This is not in John's plan, I'm thinking.

Caroline is following the path to Jennifer and then Phil, audibly trying to talk herself into having picked the right board. "We have all encountered Bali," she repeats like it's a mantra. They show up at the mat and, unsurprisingly, Phil tells them they have the wrong board. They head back so she can search some more.

At the temple, Chuck & Wynona finish the Detour and get their clue in seventh place.

Jennifer's back in the waiting area, while Caroline is back searching and she's worried about her partner's understanding of the word "encountered" versus the word "seen." Looking out at the ocean, Caroline decides that they've all seen surfers, because after all there they are, and trots off with another wrong board, even as Team YouTube and Team Mullet are both closing in in their taxis. Caroline brings her board with a surfer on it to Jennifer, who asks doubtfully, "When have we encountered surfers?" Still, they head back to Phil as Caroline says she wishes Jennifer were doing this. I think that makes two of them. When Phil breaks the news that she has another wrong board, she breaks down in tears right there on the mat. Wow, after only two tries? As if by way of explanation, we cut to Beth saying in her cab with Mona that they've been on the same leg for four days: "This has got to be the longest leg in the history of the race." Joey & Meghan, who have been looking around the beach for the surf shop, ask a local if they're at Ulata, and a beachgoer tells them they're at Padang Padang. Oh, Padang it. Caroline sits down at the waiting area to have a cry, even as Beth says in their cab, "There's no crying in the Amazing Race." What? What Amazing Race has she been watching?

After the ads, Caroline returns to the surf shop and finds a board that's in a stack rather than a rack and announces, "I'm just going with this guy." Meanwhile, Meghan and Joey are on foot, running uphill to the next beach. Chuck & Wynona see them as they pass in their cab (they are hard to miss, with all the hot pink Meghan's rocking today) and get to the beach in fifth place -- for real, this time. Wynona nominates Chuck, again and Joey takes this one for Team YouTube. "Looks like I'm going surfing!" he sings out, incorrectly. Caroline shrugs to Jennifer that she has a surfboard with "some guy," and presents it to Phil. We still haven't seen what's on it, until Phil asks her, "You have no idea what that is?" She doesn't, and Phil reminds them about getting the blessing from a priest. Now they remember. "I'm really happy to tell you that you have the correct surfboard and you are now officially team number four." I totally believe him, too.

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