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After last week's "To Be Continued" revelation that the third leg's Pit Stop was actually a Pit Keep Going, we come back with a replay of the moment when Phil handed Dave & Connor their next clue. There's no discussion of quitting this time, however; instead, we cut right to Dave and Connor both excitedly saying, "We're going to Bali!" Phil narrates that they'll be flying more than 4,000 miles, and then they'll go to the Monkey Forest, "where a monkey will reveal their next clue." Back on the mat, Dave & Connor get themselves organized, and Phil notices that Dave doesn't appear to be giving up. Dave affirms that he can't. He interviews that his leg's getting more and more painful and it's not how he pictured running the race, but they have a first place under their belts and he's good for another leg. Of the race, that is. Driving away from the Pit Keep Going, Connor remarks that getting another win would really make the other teams look bad. I don't know, using the Express Pass that Jessica & John gave them actually made Team JJ look good. And that takes some doing.

Speaking of whom, Jessica & John are the second team to check in, unsurprisingly, and they seem unfazed by the fresh clue. In a pre-leg interview. John says the following words: "I want to make sure that we play this game strategically smart and that we extract as much value out of our Express Pass as we possibly can." File that away for now.

Bates & Anthony are on the mat together with Pam & Winnie, in third and fourth place respectively. Winnie takes the new clue hardest out of the three of them. Joey & Meghan check in in fifth place and Meghan looks pretty exhausted. She was the one to do the Roadblock after all, not that we ever saw it happen. Caroline and Jennifer are sixth, then Mona & Beth and Max & Katie are seventh and eighth, and they are all still racing. So who does that leave? Well, Chuck seemed to be doing well at the Roadblock when we left off last week, but I guess they must have gotten lost on the way to the Pit Keep Going, because they aren't there yet. In the backseat of the car that Chuck is driving, Wynona says she'll take anything but last at this point. So what she's going to do with last place remains to be seen.

Max & Katie go into the lodge at Terrace Downs to get directions to a travel agency, and then borrow a phone to call that travel agency to book flights on the next flight to Bali, which lands at 8:30 AM. They'll need to pick up their tickets there, which means they're either way ahead of the game or they've just forced themselves to go dangerously out of their way. And the soundtrack appears to think it's the latter. Don't jump to conclusions, soundtrack.

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