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Buoy Oh Buoy

Rob and Kimberly choose Under, on the theory that it's "less rowing" when you don't have to do the deliveries, I guess. They also have an issue in that they don't even know what a "junk" is.

Karlyn, Sarah, and Tyler are working on the Roadblock. Peter wants Sarah to spit on Tyler as he passes her. Sigh.

Rob and Kimberly see the yellow and white flags on the junks, so now they know what they are, at least. Boats! They are boats! I would have enjoyed seeing them look for some actual junk to climb on, like old tires or a broken refrigerator. They climb aboard.

Karlyn finishes the Roadblock and tells us how impressed her daughter will be. They leave for the cave in fifth place. Tyler gets the clue and rappels down. Peter tells Sarah to keep going, and she says, "It's hard, Peter. I'm doing my best." Dustin starts up, and Tyler finishes.

Elsewhere, Tom and Terry and Mary and Dave find the cave.

Sarah is at the top at last, and she collects her clue. Dustin is behind her. When she rappels back down to the bottom, she says, "Holy cow! I did it!" Unleash the profanity, Sarah! You're going to want some later, believe me. They get going. Meanwhile, at the cave, Tom and Terry tear the clue for the Detour, and they decide to choose the Under as well. "I can row a boat," Tom says. Speaking of rowing a boat, Rob and Kimberly have arrived at their buoy next to the sign that says "Under," and he isn't too pleased to see that they have to row from here to the pearl farm. They get into their boat, and first he's going to row alone, then she's going to pull one oar, then he's going to row alone. It's chaos, I tell you. Oh, and then he says, "You have to do one side," like she's an idiot. They have a few minor communication issues to work out, I would say. "We're never getting out of this harbor," he grumps.

Mary and Dave decide to do the Over option, because Dave is kind of scared of being in deep water. Oh, Dave. And in last place, Dustin and Kandice are finally leaving the Roadblock to head for the cave. Wow, that kind of...happened. That bunching while waiting for an ascender to be available was brutal. "We're not out of this yet; we're not giving up," they say. On the junk to their Detour option, Tom and Terry find a couple of comfy chairs and relax. Can't blame them for that, certainly. "As long as there's a Starbucks nearby, we could live here," Terry comments. And I definitely can't blame them for that. [takes sip of mocha]

Dave and Mary board their junk. He tells her to hurry, she reminds him of her ankle, he says, "Yeah, yeah," and they're off. On the boat, she's still unhappy about it, telling him he doesn't have a "sprained leg" (it's spreading!), so he doesn't know. He suggests they go sit down, but out of what's fairly clearly sheer willfulness, she says she'll remain standing on her bad leg, thank you very much. Heh. "Now when you become my boss, you can tell me what to do," she says. I agree in principle, but she is not the most effective carrier of that particular message, given her tendency to loudly issue orders.

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