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Buoy Oh Buoy

As Sarah receives her instructions on how to climb the rope, Peter is calling out inspirational hoo-hah about focusing. He has a hoo-hah full of hoo-hah, that is for sure. "Peter," she says sharply, "shush, I've got to listen to the directions!" She starts up. Meanwhile, at the top, Godwin collects their clue. But as he starts back down, he's concerned that he can't even rappel, because his arms are so worn out from the climb that he can't hang on to the rope. Sarah mutters that she's caught in the ropes. Karlyn continues climbing, clearly having a lot more success than she did the first time around. For whatever reason, Sarah is talking to herself, quite clearly, but she keeps using Peter's name. "Peter, wait, I can't -- Peter... " And then she gets nervous and says, "I just can't!"

Unsurprisingly, when we return from commercials, Sarah pulls it together. She gives herself that "find your power" instruction again, and she starts back up.

Elsewhere, Rob and Kimberly are happy to be in first place on the way to the cave in their boat. Dave and Mary were in second, but they've now been passed by Tom and Terry. When the Pointies get to the cave, they have to climb up some stairs, and it's a bit of a climb up to the cave entrance. There are quite a few people there, and there's a horrible moment where Rob conks his head on part of the cave. That looked like it hurt, big-time. I think I heard his skull crack from here. The last time I bonked my head was on the sloped ceiling of an upstairs bedroom, and I am here to tell you, it really hurt. Partly my pride, since I could theoretically have avoided it by ducking in deference to the sloped ceiling. I'm not sure why I'm telling you this, except to explain the birdies that are still flying around my head I circles.

Okay, Godwin is now done with the climbing, and he's happy to be released from the gear. The *wins share a hug and leave the Roadblock in fourth place.

The Pointies finally find their clue inside the cave. Phil explains that the two choices here are Over and Under. In Over, you ride a junk to a buoy, then you row a smaller sampan to a supply boat, where you fetch two bunches of bananas (or something), which you then deliver to two addresses in a nearby "floating village." Then you row back to the supply boat and return your signed invoices showing that you made the deliveries. At that point, you get your next clue. In Under, you also ride the junk to a buoy, but then you row your sampan to a pearl farm, where you choose a row of 30 buoys and pull up the baskets underneath them. Deliver them to the pearl farmer, and he will give you your clue. Note: the sampans in the demonstration are being rowed (1) by one person; (2) facing forward, not backwards like a rowboat.

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