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Tom and Terry and the Pointies are in their boats out in the lead, and Peter and Sarah are following. Dave and Mary pass everybody, with Mary cheering, "Back pack!" The *wins pass Peter and Sarah as well. So the first three teams to hop out of their boats are Dave and Mary, Tom and Terry, and the Pointies. The *lyns follow, and Karlyn has to stand and wait while the rest of them go. As Peter and Sarah approach, Sarah is concerned to see that it's "pure rock-climbing." I think when they said "strong arms and legs," she figured it wouldn't be almost an exact repeat of the Great Wall, which kind of surprises me, too. I'd anticipate one like that, but not necessarily two in the first four legs. Climbing begins.

Sarah looks anxious, or at least Peter decides she does, because he starts pep-talking her about how she has all this arm strength, and she'll be fine. As Tyler and James approach, they're interested to see that Sarah has taken this particular Roadblock. "You're going to be fine," Peter declares. We look down at Sarah's running foot. "DAVE I LOVE YOU!" Mary hollers as Dave climbs. As Sarah looks up at the ascenders and what a hard time other people are having, Peter hollers over to her again that she's going to be fine, and I think it's time to stop. "You're going to do this! All in the mind!" She nods and smiles a little. Stop here, Peter. The more you reassure her, the more she hears you saying you don't think she can do it otherwise. Rob is first to get to the top of the cliff and collect his clue, which is attached to his line as he is instructed to rappel back down the cliff. Dave gets to the top. Tom watches as Terry climbs, and he comments, "Oh my God...he's totally going to make me do the next Roadblock after this." Ha! Yeah, I'll bet. Rob and Kimberly leave in first place. The clue tells them to travel by motorboat to Sung Sot Cave, where Phil explains that they'll search in the cave for their next clue. As Godwin prepares to climb, he comments, "I'd like to give all my possessions to my brother." Hee. The willing away of your property when danger lurks is always in order, I'd say. "You look like a stud right now," Dustin says to him. "Pound it right here." She holds out her fist. He does not quite pound it, but he taps it appreciatively. "Tap it right here" wouldn't sound right. Dave and Mary leave in second place.

"All right, Karlyn, you did the Great Wall, you can do this little bitty rock," Lyn says encouragingly. Tom and Terry leave in third, as Tom says, "Thank God it was you, not me." Well, now he's going to make you do the next Roadblock, silly. You should have told him you could have done it faster. Guilt, Tom, think guilt! Godwin starts up the rope. "All legs!" Erwin calls encouragingly. We cut to Sarah, who is tearing up in spite of her best efforts not to. As Karlyn starts climbing, Lyn talks yet again about how they're doing all this for their children. Continuing to not help, Peter tells Sarah to "pull the handicapped placard out and tell them you're next in line." She wipes away an actual tear and looks back up at the ropes. She's not complaining, she's not freaking out; she just happens to be worried, and probably feeling stupid for agreeing to do this, and probably afraid that she's about to repeat her experience at the Great Wall. She exhales in an effort to get herself calm. Meanwhile, Lyn calls out, "If you can have a baby with no anesthesia, you can go up this rock." The good part is that it makes Karlyn laugh; the bad part is: oh my God, enough with the childbirth references.

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