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Mary pays her driver, and then she forces a hug upon him from which he physically recoils. She seems not to notice. She really needs to stop with the unsolicited hugging. Not everybody likes that, Mary, seriously. I keep reminding myself that she means well.

At 5:00 AM, all teams get onto the same bus. In an interview, Terry says that what inspires them is seeing other bottom-feeders rise to the top, as the *wins did with their victory last week. In my favorite dry-wit moment of the week, Tyler looks at James and says, "You look like I feel." Heh. I have a feeling that may not be the first time they've exchanged that sentiment. Phil points out that this is a 103-mile ride to Ha Long Bay. There, they'll find Hydrofoil Harbor and another clue. Or possibly Hydroform Tavern and a refreshing beer.

When they arrive, all the teams scatter away from the bus. It appears that the harbor is very nearby, because they all seem to find it in a big group about ten seconds after leaving the bus. Dave and Mary are actually first to the clue box, which is a Roadblock asking, "Who's got strong arms and legs?" Phil explains that this is your basic annoying-ascender task, very similar in appearance to the one that finished off the Bowling Moms late in Season 5, complete with the difficulty of even operating the ascender equipment competently. Three people can go at a time, 90 feet up the side of a cliff to get a clue, then back down. Dave, Terry, Sarah ("I've got arm strength"), Godwin, Dustin, Rob, and Tyler take the Roadblock. Teams run down to a bunch of little boats that are waiting for them. Sarah warns Peter that she can do the Roadblock, but she'll be slower. He assures her that's okay -- "You're going to rock on this, all right?" It's all very chaotic with people jumping onto boats and so forth. There's a moment where Lyn and Karlyn and Dustin and Kandice are standing on a ledge waiting as a boat approaches, and when the BQs step on the boat before Lyn and Karlyn, the *lyns get all huffy for some reason. That was really random -- it's a race, ladies, and sometimes you get aced out. I mean, you can see as soon as they cut to that scene the pink hat of the BQ who is waiting there just as much as the *lyns are waiting there. There's just nothing to this particular indignation, it seems. Moreover, they are the ones who were all "screw them" when Tyler and James's tire was flat. It's a race for everybody else same as it is for you, you know? One of the BQs manages to get a cut on her leg as she gets into the boat, and very unflatteringly, Karlyn actually says, "She got what she deserved for cutting in front of us. She got cut." I really don't like that. It seems to me that one of the rules of sport is that you don't cheer an opponent's injury, ever. Ever. And you particularly don't do it when the reason you're mad is that you were beat out fair and square. I've really had it with the whining and complaining from Karlyn about what other people are doing. She needs to buckle down and run their own race and stop feeling sorry for themselves all the time. It's very annoying, and when you cross into being all "Good!" about people hurting themselves, you need to take a minute and figure out whether that's something you want your kids to see, because they're more likely to see that than they are to see you win a million bucks.

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