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Erwin and Godwin stop with their driver to get some directions. Lyn and Karlyn, on the other hand, have found the park. Lyn hears the voice, and they move toward it. Meanwhile, Tyler and James are finding it as well. I like the part where one of the A(AM!)s is like, "Am I the only one who hears that?" He's afraid he might be hallucinating, and I dig that. As we finally hear, the voice (and I cannot improve upon the description by EEFP El Guapo, who noted that it sounds like it's "straight from Disney Hanoi's Hall Of Vietnamese Presidents") says, "Attention Racers. Taxi across the Red River to Ben Xe Gia Lam. Then take a bus to Ben Xe Bai Chay. Then find the Hydrofoil Harbor." And yes, there are captions, because I do not speak perfect Vietnamese, surprisingly enough. ["... Fired." -- Sars] Having taken some notes, Lyn and Karlyn go back to their cab. Dustin and Kandice are taking off as well. Tyler and James take a different approach -- once they get a cab, they bring their driver over to listen to the clue. Peter and Sarah do the same with their driver. I think that's unquestionably the way to go, unless you want to try to replicate Vietnamese names phonetically based on the work of a person whose accent you probably can't completely predict. Rob and Kimberly decide to just follow Tyler and James, which is hugely risky. James and Tyler see the Pointies, but it isn't clear whether the boys are allowing the following on purpose. Peter and Sarah leave in their cab.

Rob grows frustrated with his driver, whom he believes to be making inadequate efforts to stay close to Tyler and James. "What are you waiting for, bro?" he wonders. I can't think that calling your cab driver "bro" is a promising strategy when you've determined that he barely speaks English. Throwing in the random syllable at the end of the semi-rhetorical question? That's just going to confuse everyone. Kimberly tries to keep him calm. Rob explicitly threatens to freak out; she says she'd rather do without the freaking out, actually. The Pointy driver does lose track of the boys, though, and the boys take note that they are no longer being followed. It appears that Rob and Kimberly now have no idea where they're going at all, and she thinks it might be better to just bag on their cab and go back. Ouch. So they left with nothing but following. That isn't smart.

The *wins and Tom and Terry are getting to the park at last, followed by a trailing Dave and Mary. Mary is working on her Vietnamese with her driver, and she finally pauses and says, "I like you!" "You ain't taking him home," Dave deadpans. "I love him! He's so cool!" Mary says enthusiastically. She is super-excited. It's either a refreshing lack of xenophobia or a honkload of caffeine. It's true that Mary verges on wanting to keep people from other countries as adorable pets, but for the moment, she's okay with me. Mary is very excited to see the *wins up ahead, approaching the park. When she and Dave get out to listen for the clue, she forces a little awkward hug on her driver. I tolerate that better when it's out of an explosion of enthusiasm the way it is from her, but really, Mary...not everybody likes hugs from strangers. Boundaries!

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