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All these teams, which were unusually jammed up from that tight start, are in their taxis, and Peter and Sarah are passing Dustin and Kandice. I don't think the BQs are going to enjoy being passed by Peter, The Patron Saint Of Leg Men.

11:32 PM. Dave and Mary. Mary tells us that if it gets any harder, she'll have to turn into Superwoman, because she already has the busted foot and everything. She refers to herself as "a couch potato," and she says that she stays home and watches a lot of reality television, which I completely believe. I can completely see Mary as, say, a Top Model viewer, and I'm confident that she has strong opinions about Survivor. She goes on to say that she's staying in the race somehow, just "doing it for [her] kids." That seems to be the theme of the season, certainly. Many children are benefiting from all this television exposure. Once they're in their cab, Mary happily observes that they're "within minutes of everybody." Indeed, it looks like that was a close finish last week and effectively stuck people close together.

11:48 PM. Tom and Terry, eating the results of their half-hour penalty from last week by leaving last instead of leaving second. Terry interviews that it's no fun being at the back. You know what is fun? Reading the directions. They insist that their bad position is not going to upset them; they're just going to keep going with their "same energy" intact. Hmm. I would accept some modifications. Like...I was hoping for less self-righteousness, in terms of the energy. They do vow to "pay a little bit more attention." Just a tiny bit. Just enough to read all the words on the clue and in the famous "additional information," which I predict is where the no-motorbikes rule was found.

Erwin and Godwin are in their taxi, but they're wondering where their driver is taking them. Apparently, they aren't feeling too confident that this is going in the right direction. Tyler and James, however, are arriving at the park where the teams have been sent. We can hear that a disembodied voice is saying, "Attention Racers." Hey, Bert is calling an audible! Tyler and James can hear the voice, and they start to wander around trying to find it. Elsewhere, Peter and Sarah pass Rob and Kimberly's taxi, and Kimberly comments, "Peter kind of bugs us." She does it in this way that makes it clear that she would like to say much, much more, and for a moment, I really dig Kimberly. Rob adds that he'd really like to finish right in front of Peter and Sarah. Mostly right in front of Peter, I think. Maybe with his foot on Peter's neck. Speaking of whom, when Peter and Sarah get out of their car, Sarah doesn't understand why he's standing around, and he says, "I'm trying to listen, Sarah," like she's four years old and he wants her to shut up so he can put her Spongebob Squarepants video on. ["I don't know exactly how annoying everyone else thinks Peter is, but I am here to tell you, he is that much more annoying to those of us named 'Sarah.'" -- Sars] Rob and Kimberly are right behind, and here come Dustin and Kandice. When the BQs get there, one of them comments, "I'm very auditory, so hopefully, this won't be too hard for us." Did she say she's "auditory"? I don't even know how you'd identify yourself as "auditory." If you're musical, maybe. Or if you're a Foley artist. In the episode's most embarrassing moment, they pause at some kind of thing, which appears to be a platform of small plants or something, and they hear crickets. So they stop to listen to the crickets. It's an interesting thought, but I think the likelihood that the crickets are going to be chanting the clue is relatively small, no matter how closely you listen. Eventually, they move on. Dude, it's probably not crickets talking when you're supposed to hear the clue. Although if it had been crickets -- if the clue were to go to Cricket Bay or something, they'd look like fucking geniuses, wouldn't they?

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