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11:22 PM. Tyler and James. In a hilariously sick moment (this is what happens when I watch with other tacky-minded people), Tyler talks about how he and James have been through a lot together. He says, "I know that when he's down, I'll try to pick him up. And if I'm down, he'll pick me up. It's always been that way in our friendship." And all that is heard in the room where I am watching the show is two people saying in unison, "Especially when we were doing a lot of drugs." They take off in their cab, with Tyler saying, "Let's see how much dong you got," and the two of them laugh, and I'd like to say something disapproving, except that it's not like I'm too good for that joke. Like, at all. Although James then adds, "He's honkin' for dong," and I don't find that as amusing. Leave it at the one joke. The simpler joke. The joke with less sophisticated craftsmanship. That's always the right one.

11:26 PM. Rob and Kimberly. Rob tells us that he feels better after his little experience with heat exhaustion. As they leave, he tells us that control is a big thing in their relationship, which will come as a surprise if you've been watching something else instead of this for the last few weeks. In an interview, he says that he has to work on being controlling at least as much, if not more, than Kimberly does. And: no argument there, kid.

11:27 PM. Dustin and Kandice. Dustin interviews that she thinks people are beginning to understand that they're very competitive and willing to work hard. As they leave, they muse about paying the other people's taxis to leave. "Easy peasy," says Kandice. Easy what? I don't even known what a "peasy" is, or what it means to have an easy one.

11:29 PM. Peter and Sarah. Sarah's full monologue here is worth listening to and appreciating: "Peter's a complicated guy, and there are some things I've found surprising and wonderful. And other things that I've seen where I'm kind of...I don't know if 'disappointed' is the right word, but it surprises me. It's not what I would think about his character." Translation: "Oh my God, was he always this much of a dick? Because, seriously, the fact that none of my friends told me makes me think I need new ones."

11:31 PM. Lyn and Karlyn. Lyn says that this is the longest she's ever been away from her kids, but winning will help her better their lives. I don't know. As one of the EEFPs pointed out, this is kind of like being all, "I'm going to Vegas to play craps to help my kids!" Because theoretically, yes, but if you're going to take a month out of your life to do something to better your situation with your kids, I'm not convinced a reality show is the best way. Not to say it's wrong to do it, at all, but the "I'm doing this because it's the best way I can think of to improve my children's lives" business? It does seem kind of sketchy to me. Karlyn says the same thing, and I'm sure they're sincere, and this kind of thing goes back to Frank and Margarita, but I just don't totally understand it. It's not savings bonds. Lyn teaches high school and Karlyn is a programming analyst, according to their bios, so it's not like this is their only shot at money.

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