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And now, Peter and Sarah. She is actually hopping to the mat, not that this keeps Peter from bugging her to "go go go." They are team number two, which is...sort of shocking. I mean, granted, they got lucky on the junks, but they also did very well in the pearl task, I guess. I also guess he rows pretty competently for a son of a bitch.

The *lyns are all about misery, though Lyn is keeping them together.

Welcome, Tyler and James, you are team number three.

The BQs have 22 baskets. Tom and Terry have 16. And the *wins are team number four. The BQs finish with their baskets. Terry and Tom see the BQs leaving. Meanwhile, on their junk, Mary and Dave are approaching Phil, and Mary is pointing him out. "That's Phil in the orange shirt. I know Phil -- scrawny little old gorgeous thing." HA! Best description of Phil ever, and I like the fact that they took "scrawny" out of the episode title. Probably Phil flexing his creative muscle. Probst would never let them use the line at all. He would certainly cry until they took out the part where he was called "scrawny." The BQs get their pit stop clue. Unfortunately, they don't read the clue carefully, and they conclude that they have to "row to the pit stop" at Soi Sim Island. Boo! RTDC, dummies!

The *lyns finally turn in their invoices and can start rowing to the junk.

Welcome, Dave and Mary. You're team number five. And don't call me scrawny. Mary is very excited at their placement, which she expected to be worse, pretty clearly.

Terry and Tom collect their 30th basket. Dustin and Kandice are randomly boating around looking for Soi Sim Island. Goofballs. They actually row to an island, but they don't see Phil. And when they go back to read the clue, they discover that it's all wet and shredded. Tom and Terry get the pit stop clue, so now, it's on. Dustin is busy getting mad at Kandice for not guarding the integrity of their clue, and Tom is busy freaking out about the rowing to the junk. Terry asks him to please stop whining. "Terry, I'm not, I'm just physically exhausted." That's really more an explanation than a denial, but...all right.

Surprisingly (to me, anyway), it appears to be Dustin who's sort of losing it and becoming convinced that she's too tired to keep rowing. Kandice tells her to keep at it. Dustin says not to worry about the crying. "Let me cry as I paddle," she says. Aw. Life is so very like that sometimes. Cry and paddle, cry and paddle.

Lyn is busy being inspirational on their junk, pointing out that Karlyn always says it's "mind over the matter," and that convincing your mind that you can do something is what's important. Of course, Karlyn thinks it may be for nothing, since they feel like they're likely to be eliminated.

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