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Lyn and Karlyn are in bad trouble in their sampan, as they're having serious problems making progress in the direction of the supply boat. Tyler and James, having delivered their baskets to the pearl farmer, are receiving the pit stop clue. The *wins soon do the same. I think they must have done well with the baskets. The BQs? Still heading for the baskets. Peter and Sarah get their last one, so they can look for the pearl farmer. Lyn and Karlyn wonder whether the wind will stop. Mm, probably not. Lyn is the voice of reason, as usual, telling Karlyn to chill out and push. Peter and Sarah collect their pit stop clue from the pearl farmer. And Tyler is doing all the rowing to the junk, so basically, James is just tagging along for this entire leg. In fact, he pretty much acknowledges as much during their ride toward the pit stop. The *wins are going to take a bit longer to make it to the junk. Peter asks Sarah whether he's going the right way, and she shows a lot of restraint by not saying, "Oh, am I allowed to talk now?" When they get to the junk, she tries to congratulate him, saying, "You rocked. You did awesome." He ignores her to look at a couple of owies on his arms. Sarah, in an interview: "My feelings for Peter have changed. Sometimes I'm not always impressed with his temperament in this situation, or even his treatment towards me." Yeah, no shit, lady. They talk to the camera together, and she says that it really bugs her when he goes on about quitting in the middle of a task right after she "did give 100 percent" in things like the climb. She reminds us that she didn't complain or say she was going to give up, or declare that she didn't want to do it anymore, which is true. And seriously, the fact that she's able to deal with something as frustrating and difficult as that ascender with little more than muttering to herself out of fear that she actually won't be able to do it, while he can't refrain from being abusive toward her during a task, indicates that he's just a big wuss, for one thing. The fact that she gets scared and doubts herself has nothing to do with his decision to be nasty and shitty to her and talk about how he's going to quit. He didn't express worry to her that he was afraid he couldn't do the baskets; he threatened her that he didn't feel like it anymore. Not the same thing, dude. He just creeps me out completely, but at least she seems to be onto him now. She tells us that even though they made up a lot of ground in the late part of the leg, she's still not feeling very good.

Dave and Mary finish the baskets. Tom and Terry are still working. Dustin and Kandice? Also working. Dave and Mary turn over their baskets to the pearl farmer and get their clue. They head for the pit stop in fifth place. On the way to the pit stop, Tyler and James notice that Peter and Sarah are approaching. They can't understand why their boat is so slow and they're getting passed. For her part, Sarah says she'd like to finish ahead of James and Tyler, because Tyler passed her earlier during the climb. I can understand that, quite honestly. Interestingly, Tyler and James have finally figured out why they're so slow, which is that their boat guy forgot to pull up the anchor before they left. Good grief. You'd think that would be on some kind of checklist. Maybe the "things that keep the boat from moving" checklist. They give a sarcastic thumbs-up to their driver, who returns a friendly wave. Heh. Oh, bad drivers are the same the world over.

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