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Buoy Oh Buoy

Lyn and Karlyn, with Lyn rowing alone, make it to the provisions boat for the Over task -- the only ones to do so. They grab their stuff and their invoices, and they head off to find the addresses in the floating village. They row over toward the village, which they can see, but they are very tired.

Rob and Kimberly? Still rowing. And still fighting. "I know how to row!" he insists. "Oh, yeah, I forgot. You went to school for that," she snipes back. Hee. They are thrilled to finish rowing and climb aboard the junk for the ride to the pit stop. Kimberly interviews that Rob can be -- wait for it! -- "intense" at times, and she doesn't like it when he loses his temper. She says that the race has made their arguing worse. I certainly hope so.

As Tom and Terry observe, the *wins are now collecting baskets. So now it's the *wins, Terry and Tom, and the A(AM!)s, all working on the task with the baskets. As Peter and Sarah row, she observes that she sees another boat -- which would be helpful to note, of course -- but Peter shuts her down with "just let me row." He is icky. When they arrive at the buoys, he starts leaning out to get baskets, but he doesn't pay attention to what he's doing, and Sarah has to quickly stop him when he puts the edge of the boat into the water and it starts to flood. She gets Peter to pull back, and of course, he's now angry at her. Like she isn't enough of a drag as it is, now she causes gravity and the tendency of water to flow to the lowest point.

Lyn and Karlyn make their first delivery. Tom and Terry are approaching their baskets, but when they encroach on what Peter considers his territory, he reaches over and gives their boat a shove. He then orders Sarah to hang onto a rope, and then he says, "I'm done after this. I don't want to do this anymore. I really don't." Come on, Peter! You can do it, sister! It's all in the mind! Pull out the dipshit placard and tell them you're next! Terry and Tom start on baskets. Dave and Mary start, too. Lyn and Karlyn finish their second delivery and start another rowing jaunt back to the supply boat. Dustin and Kandice think they're going to catch up to everyone. Tyler and James, they will not catch up to, because the boys are on their last basket.

Rob and Kimberly, meanwhile, are in their junk approaching the pit stop, and Rob can see Phil. Welcome, Rob and Kimberly, you are team number one. And you win a pair of jet skis, with which you can run each other over repeatedly after the race. "Now," Phil says somberly, "are you guys being nice to each other?" Heh. Phil always does like to offer a little bit of counseling. Rob basically admits they're not being so "nice," which he chalks up to being "so competitive." Apparently, Rob is accepting the Competitiveness Makes You Be Mean To Your Own Partner theory. Rob, meet Guido. Because: no.

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