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Peter is rowing, and Sarah is telling him to let her know anything she can do to make it easier. He instructs her not to say anything, and when she gives a little encouragement, he says, "I don't need encouragement. I just need direction." Wow. This from the "you go, sister!" guy. He is such a schmuck. You can sort of tell that he can't stand to have her encourage him, probably because it puts her, ever so briefly, in the coaching role he likes to reserve for himself. It makes her seem useful to him, and I don't think Peter likes to think of Sarah as useful to him. I seriously hope that every one of these asshole things he's doing is making her think very hard about not only whether she wants to date him, but whether she wants to be his friend. I'm sure she can find someone to work on her leg who isn't quite this much of a wank.

Lyn and Karlyn see the Over sign, so they get into their sampan and go. They're trying one oar each, and they're also intimidated by the quantity of wind. Dustin and Kandice have found what I think is probably the worst method yet, which is that not only are they both rowing, but they're facing in opposite directions. Yipes. All the "down, up" cooperative chanting in the world isn't going to make that a good way to go about this.

Tom and Terry have gone through a lot of work to row themselves to the wrong place -- they've gone to the floating village, not to the pearl farm. Rowing, rowing, rowing ensues. Nobody is having a good time, particularly Dustin and Kandice, who are melting down a bit for the first time in the race.

When we come back from commercials, Dustin and Kandice are concluding that they can't row against the wind enough to get to the Over task, so they're switching to Under. The very same thing is happening to Mary and Dave, who see that the boat they're supposedly going to is simply too far, so they're going to do Under. I'm sure Dave just hopes there will be no diving.

Rob and Kimberly are getting their baskets, but she is howling at him not to tip them over, and he's telling her to shut up, and she's telling him not to tell her to shut up. That could be a very long game. I find that once you get past "shut up" followed by "you shut up," you're in no-man's land, and you're not going anywhere till Christmas. They haul in their final basket, though, so they're done. They seem to have acceptably gotten the hang of rowing together, so they're on their way to the pearl farmer. Tyler and James are pulling up baskets. They spot Tom and Terry, who are now here as well. Tom announces that he's bleeding. "So what," Terry says. "Don't be a baby." Heh. Rob and Kimberly get their clue, which instructs them to row back to the junk and take it about nine miles to the pit stop, which is at Soi Sim Island. Last team to check in just may be eliminated. Kimberly is not at all happy about the return to rowing.

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