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Buoy Oh Buoy

To their credit, Rob and Kimberly are rowing the boat forward. To their non-credit, they're doing the one-paddle-each method, which does not look promising to me. The *wins open the Detour clue and choose Under. Meanwhile, Rob and Kimberly can't find the baskets, because they're not in the right place. "Where are the baskets, dude?" Rob demands of the Great and Ethereal Dude to whom he can often be heard talking. The *wins think the view off the boat is pretty neat. Rob and Kimberly? Still fighting. She's ordering him to let her go after the baskets. He doesn't want to. She wants him to. He doesn't want to. As for Tyler and James, they just want to farm some oysters. But when they pass the *lyns, who want to know whether they've found the clue, they lie and say they're still looking. Yeah, again, I think that's about what you get for that "screw them" in the car. When you don't give help, you don't get help, which isn't wrong on anyone's part, but which is to be expected. The *lyns do find the clue, but when they see that there are 30 baskets to harvest in Under, they decide to take the Over.

Finally, Kimberly manages to pull up the first of the 30 Pointy baskets. Now that they're onto their line of buoys, it seems to start going a bit more smoothly. Meanwhile, Peter and Sarah, in second to last place, take the Under, with Peter saying, "The other one's two locations." Eh.

Tom and Terry get into their sampan. They can't decide whether it should be one person or two, but Tom starts off by saying he thinks just one person rows, but...then he doesn't know how to do it. So it's like, "One person! Um, but not me." Dave and Mary get into their sampan as well, just as last-place Dustin and Kandice retrieve their clue. They choose Over, and they continue talking about how they're not going to give up. At all. BQs forever! Dave is rowing the Dave/Mary sampan, and he's doing a pretty good job, despite rowing it backwards like a rowboat. Mary explains in an interview that they have no experience out on the ocean -- "Water over your head, if you fail [or 'fell'], you're dead," she quotes...from somewhere, undoubtedly. It certainly is advice that would prevent a lot of drownings, if followed carefully. They bicker about the rowing, which is happening partly because Mary doesn't realize how much better they're doing than most of the other teams. Terry takes over rowing from Tom, and seems to be doing the rowboat pull as well. The *wins get in their boat, and they seem to be committed to one oar each. Not a good idea. Tyler and James, however, do it exactly right -- just one guy (Tyler), rowing forward. It's kind of impressive, the way they seem to have actually paid attention to how other people were doing this. In fact, James asks about doing one oar each, and Tyler shoots him down immediately. I tend to agree. I think the coordination aspect is much too difficult, as seen over at the *wins' boat, where Godwin is currently saying, "The reason we're turning this way? Is because you're doing something wrong." Ha! Tyler and James get themselves to the Under sign.

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