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Whine and Punishment

Team @ is still, still searching. At last they find it, and make the clue/parakeet swap as quickly as they can.

Jill and Thomas land back at the dock, but now they have to find a taxi, which proves tricky at this hour in this part of town. And Nat and Kat have already landed as well. They flag down a taxi about fifty feet behind Jill and Thomas's backs while the latter team is quizzing a driver, apparently at great length, about whether he can get them to Statue Square. It looks like the doctors are going to get away clean, until their driver pulls over next to Jill and Thomas's putative driver to offer help, I guess just as professional courtesy. Team @ looks up from their map long enough to tell him to get going, and Jill yells at Thomas to get in the car. Which they do, while Jill bemoans their lost lead. Which they had for all of the time it took to sail back to the dock.

Brook and Claire arrive at the dock, get their parakeets, and get on a boat with them, where they immediately start wasting time tormenting the birds with the whistle. "At one point, the bird had his whole head in his water bowl, like he was going to drown himself." Brook and Claire are also noticing the large number of boats in the harbor. It's hard not to, even in the pitch dark. And they're getting no help at all from their parakeet, Ophelia.

Back at Majesty, patrons are starting to leave. Nick tells Vicki to swallow without chewing. "I hate Chinese food," she complains, without specifying whether this has always been true or just a recent development.

Now we're back to the race to win the leg, which involves a lot of cutting back and forth between Jill/Thomas, Nat/Kat, and Phil/Elaborately Costumed Female Greeter. Phil points at an approaching team, and the winners of this leg are...Nat and Kat. Enjoy the trip to Rio, doctors. After the interviews, they agree that they're glad to be doing this with each other, and then cuddle. Maybe they'll enjoy that trip to Rio more than I thought.

Jill and Thomas arrive in a close second, and are pretty happy about it, especially considering they started this leg hours in front of everyone else.

In less encouraging news, Team QVC is still searching the harbor, and the Majesty is rapidly emptying out. But there are still enough people to make a loud "Awww," when Vicki's latest guess to the chef turns out to be wrong. Nick again advises her not to chew, and gets frustrated when she doesn't listen. "You're not even supposed to chew a mussel!" he bitches, which is not the kind of thing you want to hear in the middle of an eating challenge. "You're supposed to swallow it." Then, as she runs to the bathroom to pull a Claire, he whines, "Aw, man." Like Brook, he follows her to the outside of her stall door, but unlike Brook, he suggests quitting the Detour and taking the penalty. "Can't keep throwing up all night... this isn't worth it. That's for sure." Says the guy who yelled at her for not running fast enough during an asthma attack this very day. And for the second time this episode, we are ushered into a commercial break by the sound of a woman vomiting. Lovely.

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