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Whine and Punishment

Claire gets a big cheer from the whole restaurant when she returns to the table, and Vicki asks if she's okay. Nick, of course, tells Vicki not to worry about Claire. "Ralph number one," he laughs. Claire finds a slice of something to bring to the chef, and dances around him while he checks it and gives her a yes. Hugs all over, including diners, and now they have to get into a taxi to Avenue of the Stars with Claire's "barf-breath."

Nat and Kat are still searching for their boat, and Jill and Thomas seem to be on their second run at the ding ding task. "Only an idiot would do something like this," Jill says; as they keep missing signs until they decide to switch tasks. So I guess that means they aren't idiots any more.

Nick tells Vicki to take her time looking before picking anything up, but she eats something else anyway. "My stomach can't take all this food," she says. She interviews that she's picky with sushi anyway, and the warm fish was too much. "Don't grab at the first thing you see," Nick says, which is strange because I think that may be how Vicki ended up dating him.

Jill and Thomas arrive at the docks, collect their parakeet cage, and jump onto a boat. They soon encounter Nat and Kat out in the harbor, who are still having no luck, and Jill calls across the water that they've already been to the other Detour, ignoring the shushing from Thomas. "Was it hard?" Nat asks. No, it was so easy they finished in five seconds and came to do this one just for fun.

Brook and Claire get their clue near the Bruce Lee statue and get on their way, just in time for a nerdy tourist to drop a quick photobomb. He wouldn't do that to the real live Bruce Lee. Back on the harbor, Thomas actually apologizes to Jill for something (looking on her side of the boat), and they agree to be thorough. Sure enough, they soon find their boat and tell the pilot to pull alongside. They swap their birds with that boat's captain for the next clue, which is some kind of blank form on which is simply written "Pit Stop Statue Square." I guess it wouldn't be fair to give them more info than they would have gotten on the Ding Ding task. Phil says this means they need to get to the Center of Hong Kong, the location of Statue Square. "Built in the nineteenth century to honor royalty from colonial England, it is the Pit Stop for this leg of the race. The last team to check in here may be eliminated." Yes, they may. But who's going to eliminate Phil's white pants and black shirt?

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