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Whine and Punishment

Nick and Vicki's ferry leaves and they're on their way to Kowloon. "We're doing what we can do," she says. Since Nick is only pouting, that would seem to be accurate.

Back at the restaurant, Thomas has put together a strategy based on the following premise: "I cant eat everything on this table, I know that much." Claire is also searching.

Nat and Kat arrive at Avenue of Stars in what's starting to look like early evening. And by the time they actually find the statue, the sky is turning periwinkle. Here's Phil, in full dark, shedding some light on the Detour options. "Hong Kong is a city with its feet firmly planted in the both the present and the past," but this week's choices will be more about the latter. For the one called "Ding Ding," (heh, dirty) the teams will have to get on one of the double-decker cable cars (called, presumably, ding dings) that have been running in the city for a hundred years. They'll have to watch for three different signs out the window that will tell them where the Pit Stop is (they read, respectively, "Pit Stop," "Statue," and "Square"), and if they get to the end of the line without figuring it out, they'll have to start over. For "Sampan," the teams will collect a wooden cage holding two parakeets on the inside and a tag with a long number on the outside. Then they'll carry the cage onto one of the old boats known as sampans, and ride through Aberdeen Harbor (there's a glaring remnant of colonialism for you) until they find a boat whose registration number matches the tag on the birdcage. Then they'll get their next clue. Nat and Kat are going for that one. "Thanks, Dragon," Nat calls out as they leave, I think just to remind us that they are nerds.

Claire and Thomas are both searching, and both doing a lot of eating. Thomas finds a fake red prawn, and the whole restaurant erupts in cheers when the chef approves. He and Jill are off to the Avenue of Stars in second place while Brook tells Claire that she can focus now. Claire, who has her face almost all the way into a basket of wontons, appears to be way ahead of her on that score.

Nick and Vicki are just now getting off the ferry in Kowloon and getting a cab to what Vicki also incorrectly refers to as "Majestic." Team @ arrives at "Jumbo Kingdom Dock" (seriously, that's what it's called), and it's almost completely dark outside, so they're wearing their headlamps. Good thing, too, because they almost walked right past the guy in the sidewalk with the parakeet cages, but they end up duly birded by the time they walk over to the waiting sampans and opt for the one with a female pilot. As their craft trolls slowly through the harbor, they use handheld searchlights to scan the boats docked tightly together on each side of the channel, quickly discovering that this is even trickier than it seems due to the fact that all the boats have their registration numbers in different places. Are there no standards for that kind of thing in Hong Kong?

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