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Whine and Punishment

Phil starts talking about Hong Kong's famous buffets, which are barely more famous than all the fake food made in Hong Kong to be shown in restaurant display windows. Now, one racer will have to use chopsticks to "peck" though the giant buffet here at Majesty, looking for fake food items. Which will be hard, because there are only five of them among the thousands of real morsels spread on the table. And if they pick up something that turns out to be genuine, they have to eat it. They'll get their next clue after finding a fake. Nat will be taking this one. She makes her way across the big, loud room to hover over the buffet. She picks up something in an oyster shell, but it's real, so she has to eat it. Good thing it's tasty. And good thing they decided not to give this one to the vegetarian on the team.

Jill and Thomas arrive next, and Thomas is feeling peckish. He joins Nat at the buffet, and soon finds himself having to eat one of the same things Nat already ate, which he describes as "nasty." No accounting for taste, which is why he and Nick have girlfriends. In comes Brook, screaming like the loon she is as she runs up to the clue box. Claire offers to do it, assuming from the performers up on the stage that this will be karaoke. Yeah, that would be a no. See, Claire, how the singing is being done not by the people you've been racing with for the last three weeks but by people you've never seen before? That might have been a clue. Brook goes over and joins Kat and Jill at the waiting area at the end of the karaoke stage, and immediately begins dancing, getting way too much encouragement from the crowd.

Meanwhile, Claire is starting the Road Block, and in an interview she complains that none of the Road Blocks she's done have been what she thought they were going to be -- from the watermelon in the face to the bridge in Norway, complete with black-and-white flashbacks -- and now Claire tells us that she hasn't been eating "any of the food" the whole race because she's too picky. I don't know what she means by "any of the food," but this should be fun for her. By now Brook's leading Jill and Kat in a synchronized dance, because she is Brook. Nat presents a hunk of pink fish to the chef, and while she's waiting for the verdict, Brook gets even more Brook-like, heading out onto the floor to work the crowd. I hope nobody's there to actually eat or anything; it's bad enough to have to watch a trio of sloppy Americans dripping sweat on the buffet without also having to become a cheering section for one of them. But at least now there's one less sweaty American; Nat got it right, so they're in first place as she reads from their next clue, "Enter the Dragon," which happens to be the title of a Bruce Lee film. Phil explains that their next move is to get to Avenue of the Stars, where they'll have to figure out that they are in fact looking for a statue of Bruce Lee. Fortunately for everyone involved, there is one. Off they go. "That could take a long time," Nat says once they're safely in their cab. She doesn't know the half of it.

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