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Whine and Punishment

The plane takes off at night, and an Amazing Red Line traces its route from Dhaka to Singapore to Hong Kong. Lots of skyscrapers, flags, and dragons accompany a shot of the plane landing. I always wonder if it's the actual plane or if the camera crews just shoot some random aircraft from the same airline. The typical scramble through the airport ensues, although it's somewhat atypical in the sense that an Amazing Cameraman is briefly in view. Jill and Thomas are the first to find and board a bus, leaving the other three teams in their dust. Nick and Vicki catch up with Team @ on the platform, while Jill and Thomas enjoy their lead and the view. The other three teams get on the trailing bus, Vicki certain Jill and Thomas got on the first one. "It's a footrace," she says. I'm starting to think that people on this season don't know what that word means, so let me clarify: it does not mean that another team is on the motorized conveyance ahead of yours.

Jill and Thomas run off the bus at the ferry port, and get on a ferry that's leaving for Cheung Chau at 4:45 PM, which tells you how late in the day this part of the leg is starting. The boat's even marked "FIRST FERRY" on the side, which I hope they appreciate. The bus with the other three teams arrives soon after, and all six of them scatter around aimlessly. Waiting for the boat to cast off, Thomas frets that "Right before the doors lift these guys are going to be Indiana Jones-ing in." Complete with a giant round boulder pursuing them down the gangplank. Actually, Team @ and Team QVC are just getting their ferry tickets, while Vicki's asthmatic lungs are failing her. "Let's GO!" Nick yells sympathetically at her. Sure enough, the ladies all make it onto the ferry, while Nick keeps yelling at Vicki to hurry up, so angrily that an Amazing Cameraman looks away at a skyscraper instead. It's Two International Finance Center, by the way, Hong Kong's tallest building up until this year, and hey, look who else is trying to avoid this confrontation. The ferry departs with three teams on board, leaving Nick and Vicki with no choice but to wait for the next one departing in thirty minutes. Vicki apologizes to Nick. "I'm sick of you being sorry," he says, keeping it classy and showing Vicki how well that "keeping him calm" thing is working out for her.

After the ads, the argument picks up where it left off, which Nick telling Vicki to keep up from now on, "Because I'm not waiting for your ass ever again." She tells Nick "it's not worth stressing over," but he disagrees. "Gotta suck it up," he snaps. Vicki starts crying, and he asks her why, like he doesn't know. "We stop, we go home," he says. I'll have to remember he said all this in the event someone stops at some point during this leg, for whatever reason. Vicki keeps crying and tells us, "He keeps yelling at me." Yes ,we've noticed that. "He's never had asthma so he doesn't know what it feels like." And if he did, I'm sure he'd say something empathetic like, "Quit crying." Oh, never mind, that's what he says anyway.

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