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Whine and Punishment

Nat and Kat are leaving at 4:05 PM, in third place. That's more than seven hours behind Jill and Thomas, so the latter team expanded their lead in Dhaka, if anything. The doctors are excited to be going to Hong Kong. Kat says she's been there, and that Nat will love it. "Am I gonna be taller than everybody?" Nat asks. Yes, everybody except for Phil.

Brook and Claire are in fourth and last place at 5:15 PM. Brook is also looking forward to tallness, although in the sense of seeing it (i.e., Hong Kong's skyscrapers) rather than being it. Claire interviews that "Usually when you U-Turn somebody you never see them again." Until TARcon, that is. I've seen it and it's ugly (okay, it's really not). "But Brook and I are the only U-Turned people that have ever survived on the race." If only I felt like taking the time to research and verify that. They're looking forward to making Thomas uncomfortable when they see him. In fact, Claire thinks he's going to "Poop his pants." That may be overstating the case a bit.

Jill and Thomas head back to the airport at night, hoping not to see Brook and Claire. Next thing you know, we're at Shahjalal International Airport, where the other three teams are checking in, Team @ asking their agent for seats as close to the front as possible. And when Jill and Thomas arrive, they see the people they done wrong, who turn around and look at them like, "Well?" As Jill and Thomas slowly approach, Brook quietly tells Claire to "Stay classy." They come over and say hi, and Jill pathetically begs, "Don't hate us." Claire asks why they were the targets, and Thomas says he thought they were the strongest team. Claire doesn't buy it, pointing out the number of legs Nat and Kat have won, but Thomas argues that the doctors have also almost been eliminated more times. "I mean, as bad as it sounds, you should almost take it as a compliment," Thomas says lamely. Rather than feeling the warm fuzzies, they sarcastically thank him. He tries to throw his girlfriend under the bus, but they're not buying that either. Brook shakes his hand and says they'll see him out there, which I guess is her way of saying, "Bring it." Walking away, Jill says, "I fell really bad about that encounter, but there's not much you can do." "I don't," Thomas says, surprising no one. Brook says that if Jill and Thomas were threatened before, "They should be petrified now." And then both of them do a little Catwoman pose and nobody will ever be scared of them ever again.

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