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Whine and Punishment

Brook and Claire get off the boat and get a taxi to Statue Square, thinking they're still in danger from "the punk rockers. "Which they're really not, because Vicki is effectively doing this Detour alone while Nick kvetches. "I'm not gonna sit out here until sunup, that's for damn sure. Sit out here looking like a fool looking for a damn boat in the middle of the night with a flashlight." Yeah, Nick? That's not what's going to make you look like a fool. Vicki still doesn't want to give up, "after all we've been through today," like "we" had to power through an asthma attack and vomit up gallons of warm sushi. "I don't care if you don't like to quit, it's over, all right? I'm done." So there's an example of how much he cares about other people's feelings. And then he actually lies down on the deck for a nap. "You want to waste your time, waste your own damn time." Is there something else he needs to be doing with that time? An appointment to make, some errands to run? What else has he got going on in Hong Kong in the middle of the night that takes precedence over trying to win a million dollars? "I'd much rather take the six-hour penalty, I could care less." A quitter, and he uses bad grammar. Well, if he's going to go to sleep, I wish he'd just shut up and do it, rather than whining about all the food and sleep he's missing. Eventually he pulls his bandanna down over his eyes (alas, not his mouth) and conks out, while Vicki keeps searching alone. "Kind of makes me mad," she says, with a much higher level of justification than Nick has had for any of his complaints, but she's still not quitting. "This is probably the worst day ever. I'm on my own." In other words, there's bad news and good news.

Team QVC arrives at Statue Square, and are pretty happy to be team number three. They're going to feel a little silly about that when they see it.

Vicki's still awake, searching alone. Eventually Nick wakes up and bitches, "You're still wasting your time? Jeez Louise, you are the hardest-headed person in the world." And then, not content to leave her to the task, he gets up and says, "Get me out of this place." Apparently it's four in the morning. "Can't wait to be home," Nick says, agreeing with a nation of millions who also can't wait for him to be home either (not counting his neighbors in Las Vegas). While he packs up in the background, Vicki tells us that she's not going to do this by herself, so the S.S. Failure returns to the Giving Up Dock so they can take their six-hour penalty and catch a Loser Taxi to the Quit Stop. Even the parakeet guy looks embarrassed for them as he hands over their clue sending them to Statue Square. Vicki interviews that it was really hard to swallow, and considering what she's already swallowed today, that's saying something. "Every bit of today sucked," Nick whines. Now, that's not true; I saw him laughing earlier, when Claire was vomiting. He at least enjoyed the part of the day where he got to take pleasure in the suffering and misery of a fellow human being.

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