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I don't know what that is, but this is Dhaka, Bangladesh. Over some mournfully exotic vocalizing, Phil reminds us that it's the most densely populated city in the world -- the equivalent of if the entire population of the United States and Mexico all moved to Los Angeles. Which I think many Angelenos suspect has already happened. But at the opposite end of the crowdedness spectrum is Lalbagh Fort, whose vast lawns are quite a contrast from the street scenes out of Soylent Green. Phil explains, "Like India's Taj Mahal, this complex is the elaborate tomb of a princess who died before her time and was the ninth Pit Stop in a race around the world." Which I think marks the first time a princess, dead or alive, got to be a Pit Stop.

Jill and Thomas, who arrived hours before everyone else, will be leaving at 8:25 AM. "Fly to Hong Kong," Thomas reads. Phil, who is unusually garrulous this week, explains that this means "leaving behind the old-world exotica of Bangladesh," and a 3,500 mile flight to "the ultramodern urban jungle." Then they'll take buses, boats, and ferries to Cheung Chau island to find Cheung Po Tsai Cave, the site of the next clue box. And, let's hope, an angry bear.

Thomas and Jill get into a taxi and take it to the travel agency. Thomas reminds us that they U-Turned Brook and Claire in the last leg, since they thought they were the most competitive team. There's certainly a case for that. Jill says they haven't seen any teams at all, so they have no idea who's left. Thomas remarks, "I'd be okay with not seeing any of the teams until we win the million dollars." I think some of the other teams would feel the same way, especially if Jill and Thomas never actually win a million dollars.

At the travel agency, they are informed that the earliest flight to Hong Kong leaves at 11:55...tonight. Of course it does. They didn't really think they'd get to hold onto that multi-hour lead, did they? Thomas suggests going back to the hotel to kill some time. And possibly themselves.

Nick and Vicki are leaving in second place, at 1:59 PM, more than five hours behind Jill and Thomas. "Thank God," Nick moans upon learning they're leaving the country. As they go to get into one of the cabs waiting on the lawn, Vicki interviews about how much their relationship has grown during the race. Yeah, it's still pretty early in the episode. She says she's working mainly on calming him down, which she thinks is working. Which it will, until it doesn't anymore. As for Nick, he solo-interviews that "Before Vicki, I didn't care for anybody's feelings, and Vicki's really opened my eyes to, doesn't get you anywhere." So he's learned that being nice to people can help him get what he wants? I guess that's a start. Then it gets weird, as he says he's lucky and that Vicki is a blessing. He even tears up. Okay, maybe this interview was shot after what happens later, because this isn't making much sense in the current context. And even less in later context. Okay, maybe dude is just losing it.

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