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Chip and Kim pull up to the airport, right along with KamiKarli. These teams do appear to be destined to spend a lot of time together, that's for sure. Inside, all the other teams are standing around. Certainly is a lot of standing around in this leg.

At 4:00 AM, the ticket counter at Argentine Airlines opens. Marsha opens by asking for the 9:10 AM flight. The woman tells her that there is only one seat available on that flight. Marsha tells the lady that they (which is, in reality, not only herself and her dad, but also their two crew guys) need to fly together, and she wants to purchase the one seat on the 9:10, hoping that the other three can get on standby. Oh, Marsha, that is not smart. I would assume that you can't buy two confirmed seats for the same person for two successive flights, and I think you have to make sure you come out of this with confirmed seats for all four people on some flight or another, so I think she made a yooooooge (tm Trump) mistake there by buying one seat when she couldn't buy four. For a given flight, you either put everybody on standby or you get everybody a ticket, because one seat does pretty much nothing for you except block you from flights that all of you can get on. As Marsha is buying, Nicole leans over and asks if Marsha will get "us" tickets. (No hint of how many of "us" there are in that request.) Marsha agrees.

Mirna, still waiting at the Southern Winds counter, looks down and sees what looks to be going on, and she says with some concern that they "put [their] faith" in Brandon and Nicole, and now it looks like they're having Marsha buy them tickets. Of course, if I were Brandon and Nicole, and I saw how Mirna acted since everybody got to the airport, I wouldn't be her ally anymore, either. We then see Marsha telling the flight lady, "We also need to book for tickets for 10:30." Mirna comes over and butts her head in. "They're buying tickets for you," she says to Nicole. "No, no," Nicole says. "They're not buying tickets for us." "Why is Marsha buying tickets for you?" Mirna demands again. "They're not buying tickets." Nicole tells her. Marsha turns around and says, "And then we put you on the 10:30 flight as well." Interestingly, that was cut like more of a "Busted!" situation than I think it may have actually been. It's hard to figure what actually happened. Presumably, Brandon and Nicole were in a perfectly good position to get 10:30 tickets on their own -- they didn't need Marsha for that. I think perhaps they wanted Marsha to get them on standby for the 9:10, and that's what Nicole was telling Mirna ("They're not buying tickets"), and that although Marsha did end up buying them tickets, that wasn't really what they were up to. Ultimately, I don't like this new thing of people buying tickets for each other anyway, so if you get screwed out of the extra benefit of having another place in another line in addition to the one you're waiting in, I really don't feel all that bad for you. In an interview, Charla complains about how Brandon and Nicole "broke [their] trust," blah blah blah, which is hard to take seriously, considering that she and Mirna had already concluded they were being treated poorly when Brandon and Nicole failed to throw a lasso around their car and keep them from driving off in the wrong direction on the way to the airport. Feh. "If you give these people the chance, they'll squash you like a bug," Mirna complains bitterly as she stands at the Southern Winds counter. Man, you'd almost think this wasn't a cooperative endeavor at all. You'd think it was something competitive, like some kind of...well, Sars will throw the word in for you right about here. ["Race. Some kind of race. The kind that will amaze you." -- Sars]

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