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12:32 AM. Colin and Christie. Christie interviews as they leave that they've been kicking around near the back of the pack since the race started, and they've had to work on avoiding being the last team. Colin, meanwhile, remarks calmly that he's sized up the competition, and he's confident that he's going to win. Well, that's...a little premature. Try finishing in the top half for a leg before you get too confident, there, Mr. Intensity.

At the airport, Brandon and Nicole (Dating! Models!) are working the phone, and he's asking about getting to Patagonia. He remarks that they're right by the ticket counter for Argentine Airlines. On the phone, they tell him that the earliest flight is at 9:10, but that one is sold out. "Let me talk to him," Nicole says, confidently taking the phone. "Sir?" she says. "When is the next flight?" Wow, I'm glad she took over, because I doubt Brandon would have come up with the always-sneaky "Ask About The Flight After That" strategy on his own. The guy tells her that the next flight is at 10:30.

Jim and Marsha drive up to the airport. She surmises that because Patagonia is in Argentina, they should go to Argentine Airlines. Well, sure. Why check anywhere else? After all, nobody flies between St. Louis and San Francisco except American Airlines. Sigh. At 2:30 AM, Marsha goes up to the line and puts her stuff down, apparently having decided to just wait it out at the counter. Meanwhile, Nicole is apparently being told that she can't reserve tickets over the phone.

Linda and Karen and Bob and Joyce are slightly lost in their little caravan, and once Linda admits through the open window to Bob and Joyce that she's lost, they pull over and have a chat. Just then, Colin and Christie approach. The other teams sound rather excited that Colin is approaching, as if they've concluded that Colin is That Nice Smart Boy Who Always Knows Everything. Like what cemetery to go to, for instance. Smart Creepy Colin stops the car and walks up on the conversation. He has nice shoulders, but the slicked-back hair really needs to stop immediately. This is no time to emulate late-model Judd Nelson. ("This" being "ever.") They all have a discussion, and the other teams agree to go with Colin's instinct that they just need to go a little farther and keep looking for the airport. What's more, they ask him to lead. When he's back in the car, he smiles an extremely evil little smile, as he voices over that part of his strategy is helping people now, so that he'll be able to get information from them later.

12:41 Marshall and Lance. As they head to their car, Lance says that he and Marshall aren't "bodybuilder-type" guys. I make a note. They voice over, in what sounds almost like it's a cobbling together of both of their voices, that they just have a goal of sticking around every leg, over and over and over again. It's interesting how their hopes and my fears are so closely aligned.

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