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Going, Going, Gondola

12:21 AM. Jim and Marsha. She comments that they're very excited about the way they were able to dig out of last place and get all the way up to third at the end of the second leg. She refers to them as the "comeback kids." The Golden Heifer of Foreshadowing chews her cud thoughtfully.

Spooky music indicating the possible presence of mud-dwelling demons takes us back to Brandon, still trying to get his car out of the mud. As the tractor backs up to get to his car, he notes that his shoe is covered with mud. He therefore picks up his foot, takes off his shoe, and plunks his clean sock down into the mud. Nice work, Einstein, that ought to take care of everything. In other news, the kid who is unmistakably the same kid who demonstrated the bandanna Roadblock with the calves in the last episode is up on the tractor as Brandon asks whether the tractor can pull them all the way through the mud.

Mirna comes to the window and asks Nicole if she and Brandon got stuck. Nicole: "Yeah." Then Mirna asks if she's all set now, and Nicole says yes, they're being pulled out. You know, they're being pulled out by that big tractor...the one that's attaching itself to their car with chains? My sense is that transmissions are not the only things on which Mirna has trouble getting all the gears to engage. As Mirna runs off, Brandon calls out to her to wait for them. Then, as Charla makes her way along the fence, she grasps the top part of it with her hand, and a telltale buzzing -- which I suspect was sadly absent from the real-life events -- goes by on the soundtrack. Charla squeals. "I just got electrocuted!" she hollers. Nicole's like, "Huh?" "I got electrocuuuteeed!" Charla yells again as she heads for the car. The word she's looking for, I would point out, is more like "shocked," as she is not actually dead, which "electrocuted" requires. It's kind of like getting a mouthful of seawater and yelling, "I just drowned!" The tractor pulls Brandon and Nicole out of the mud as Charla returns to the car. Both teams take off, now with Mirna and Charla in the lead. "We had to make sure our friends were okay," Mirna says, "because we would hope that somebody would care enough about us to help us, too." Yeah, your "friends." How incredibly warm. I kind of want to poke her in the eye with her own curling iron.

Marsha navigates her way through the mud, and Jim profusely congratulates her on her crazy mud-avoidance skills. He has survived bandaging! She has survived mud! What could stop them now?

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