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Going, Going, Gondola

Brandon and Nicole finish crossing the shallow water, and she jumps up on his back. "Come on, baby, muy rapido!" she says. See, I thought that was a tiny bit funny. And cute. It's kind of weird that I like their relationship pretty well right now, since it started out with that weird "I boss my girlfriend around because it's God's will" vibe they had going for a while. They climb up to the mat. Welcome, you're team number three. I have to say, that's a very efficient team, and they don't tend to bleed time at all going from one place to another. I'd have to say that overall, I think they've made the fewest mistakes out of anyone. Again, probably because of God.

Jim and Marsha speed toward the pit stop. We wish. Marshall and Lance stop and get what everyone wishes were directions to France.

Bob and Joyce are team number four. Hee. They're all happy.

In one of those moments you really can't make up, the Twinkies are in the wrong spot when they see the island with the flags. "There, we've gotta swim!" one of them hollers. They go diving into the water. They swim across, and as they clamber out of the water and one of them falls down, the kids on the pit stop mat are seen to giggle. The girls climb up to the mat, dripping wet in their swimsuits. Hey, welcome, you're team number five. "Wooo!" they scream as they high-five, quite happy with themselves. "That was quite an entrance," Phil says, barely containing a guffaw. "Everybody else just walked across the shallow water there," he says, indicating the path. You can just hear the swallowed chortle. The girls look over at the shallow water, kind of deflated, like, "Wait, 'walked'?" I love it when Phil crushes their spirits.

Linda and Karen get out at the pit stop, as Chip laments in his car that "the mothers" beat him. Eh. They've beaten you several times, dude; it's probably time to stop acting surprised. Linda and Karen are team number six. Chip and Kim are team number seven.

Marshall and Lance head for the pit stop. Jim and Marsha head for the pit stop. And then we're at the pit stop, watching from the mat as...Marshall and Lance approach. Feh. They step up to the mat and are not Philiminated. Lance yells, "What up?" in that unconvincing way that only a guy with his name sewn into his underwear possibly can. They are very excited, so apparently, being last among non-eliminated teams was their plan all along. Totally!

Jim and Marsha come up to the mat. You are the last team to arrive; you have both been eliminated. Aww. They congratulate each other. Asked if she's proud of Jim, Marsha talks about how much guts it took for her dad to keep going. She interviews that she learned from her dad that even when you're the underdog, you can do great things if you keep trying. He, in turn, says to Phil, "Anything I thought I could teach her..." (Insert Dad-trying-not-to-weep-openly Dramatic Pause.) "…she already knew." (Except airport strategy.) He interviews that he had wanted to teach her certain things during the race. "She's proved to me that she's lacking nothing," he says. (Except airport strategy.) Aw, that was nice. They share a hug on the mat.

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