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Going, Going, Gondola

Marshall and Lance are strolling to the Detour clue. "This sucks," Lance (I think) is saying. They insist that they're not running, as Jim and Marsha are seen getting out of the gondola at the top. When they reach the clue box, Lance and Marshall select the paragliding. As we watch Lance and Marshall getting ready to go, Jim and Marsha are running to the clue box. Jim leans on the box and looks really, really beat as Marsha reads the clue. I'm not sure he was going to last a lot longer anyway, in all honesty. But at any rate, they unsurprisingly choose the paragliding. "We might as well do something fun," Marsha says unhappily. I sense that reality is setting in. Elsewhere, Marshall and Lance glide, as much as they really can, not being graceful like gazelles, particularly.

Jim and Marsha get ready to glide. He talks again about never giving up, and says that they think they still have a chance to win. Sigh. They glide. Into obscurity. Oh, I'm sorry, were you still in suspense?

Christie and Colin are first out of their Jeep at Bahia Lopez, and Colin spots Phil out on the island, where he's waiting with three little kids. Aw. Colin and Christie walk across a shallow stretch of water to the island, splashing around up to about their shins. They climb up a little hill and land on the mat. Welcome, Colin and Christie, you are team number one. You can kind of tell that Colin feels that order has been restored to the universe because he is in first place. Christie interviews that they have begun to learn how to really play the game, as Colin stares what I swear to God is the creepiest stare I have ever seen on this show. It is Apprentice-Sam creepy. Creeeeepy. I'm sorry, I have to go and warm up my bones, which are now chilled.

Marshall and Lance finish gliding, read the clue, and head for the pit stop.

Wacky "doodle-doo" music that sounds like it comes from the part of a Family Channel movie where the moppet sets his father up on a date with his teacher accompanies Charla and Mirna as they splash over to the island. "Hurry up!" Mirna barks at Charla. Hey, back off that, please. They scramble up to the mat. Phil grins. Seriously, Phil's open affection for these weird people is totally throwing me off. I'm used to being able to trust Phil, but in this situation, one of us is off. Naturally, I assume it can only be Phil. Sorry, Phil. Anyway, he tells them they're team number two, and Mirna hugs Phil again. She better not be touching Phil's ass back there. You either, Charla.

Jim and Marsha land on the ground. She thinks the gliding was "awesome." They read the clue, and Marsha opines that if somebody else "suck[s] at driving," they might be able to catch up. Cut to Marshall and Lance, sucking at driving. It would have been nice if that were enough.

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