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Going, Going, Gondola

Commercials. I'm not sure drowning out your firing with crunchy cereal is a great idea. Being fired will really cut into your crunchy cereal budget, after all.

Linda agrees in an interview that she was nervous as we see her prepare for gliding. Finally, though, she runs down the hill with her instructor and completes the task without incident, as have many people in history who appeared to be losing their cool right before the commercials. She explains in a voice-over how proud she was of herself, given the inherent craziness of jumping off mountains to begin with.

Lance and Marshall. Behind. Not behind enough, though, because they're arriving at the bottom of the mountain. They note that they've "just missed the gondola," and a tense "Brrrrrump!" on the soundtrack brings us back to Jim and Marsha. It's a great cut, because it's timed so that she's yanking the gearshift right on that blast of music, and it really does give you that feeling of, "Aaaand here are Jim and Marsha, coming on strong!" -- even though you kind of know it's probably not true. It's the sort of thing you never notice until you watch it a thousand times, but if that music cue wasn't punctuated with something visual, it would not work the same way. I'm telling you, if the editors don't get their Emmy this year, I'm launching an investigation, because corruption is the only explanation.

But anyway, Jim and Marsha pull up to the bottom of the mountain. Theoretically, they're sort of running for the gondola before it leaves with Marshall and Lance, but it's hard to know to what degree that's what happened. She does claim, as they cross the parking lot, that she sees "teams," presumably in the gliders. Speaking of gliding, Linda and Karen land safely. They read the clue and squeal happily on the way to the pit stop. I invest in ear plugs, as they appear to be my only hope.

Lance and Marshall get on the gondola. Jim and Marsha do not get on with them, and they therefore head up alone, leaving Jim and Marsha to wait for the next one.

Colin and Christie race for the pit stop, as do Charla and Mirna. As they approach, Mirna asks Charla if her hair looks okay. "Mirna, just concentrate on the road," Charla says with some exasperation. "Every time Phil sees us," Mirna complains, "we look, like, terrible." Okay, that was a little bit funny, once. It is, however, not funny anymore. Charla doesn't think so, either, judging from the way she's staring out the window and making a "my partner is a crazy buffoon" face. Again, I'm not sure I don't like Charla. I just can't stand Mirna. Brandon and Nicole are on their way to the pit stop, too. "We just want to win," he says insistently.

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