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Going, Going, Gondola

Colin and Christie land. They read the clue, which directs them to drive to the pit stop. Phil explains that now, it's time to drive 14 miles to Bahia Lopez, a bay outside Bariloche. When they get there, they'll have to find Phil and the mat, both of which are on a little island out in the bay. The last team to check in will be Philiminated. Christie and Creepy run for their Jeep as Mirna and Charla are landing. There's some swell ankle-level camera work, by the way, following Colin and Christie as they run through a field of wildflowers. Mirna lands, and she chooses from the list of approved paragliding metaphors, stating that she felt like "a bird in the sky." They read the pit stop clue. As they go, Charla declares that she needs to do a cartwheel, and she does. Hee. I thought that was cute. Oh, whatever, kill me, I'm not totally heartless. It's a cartwheel!

Brandon and Nicole paraglide. They wave to each other in the air. As they land, Brandon says, and I quote, "Ayyy, yi-yi-yi-yi-yeah-yay." Or thereabouts. They read the pit stop clue. As they do, Bob and Joyce read the Detour clue, and they pick the paragliding. "Oh, YES!" Joyce says, happily pumping her fist. "I've always wanted to do this!" That was awesome. She's kinda cool. And they apparently got the gondola ahead of the Moms, Twinkies, and Chip and Kim, because those teams are still at the bottom. Kim says, as she and Chip wait, that she's hoping their "friends, the twins," won't "sneak their way" on. Twinkies sneaking their way on ensues. These two teams, destined as they are to see a lot of each other, go up together, as Linda and Karen continue looking for the gondola. On the mountain, as Chip runs to the clue, he calls out to the Twinkies, "We're tired of eating your dust!" I would call that good-natured, but I'm sure Kami wouldn't. Chip is such an ass! Both teams choose paragliding.

Lots of gliding ensues. As Chip and Kim walk away, he comments that he's got to "walk bowlegged" after coping with the harness. "So we can't have kids anymore?" she asks. "Thank God," he responds. Heh. As the Twinkies depart, one of them complains that her guy kept doing circles, so she had to pretend to be sick so he would get her on the ground. She appears not to know that all those circles were likely part of a strategy called Managing Your Airspeed So You Don't Die As A Heap Of Broken Bones. Ungrateful wretch.

The tense music pumps up as Linda and Karen prepare for the glide. Linda says she was entertaining some doubts as to whether this was an entirely safe thing to do, as you might, when staring off the edge of a cliff at the ground on which you may be dashed to bits if your guy fails to make the right number of irritatingly time-consuming circles. Karen, on the other hand, takes off without difficulty. In the air, she asks her instructor whether they can see if Linda went. As Linda stumbles on the hill and says she "can't do this," Karen tells her instructor she hopes Linda isn't "chickening out." Mmm, smells like fake tension.

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