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Going, Going, Gondola

Jim finishes the Roadblock, and they again hire someone they can follow to Villa Catedral.

Meanwhile, Mirna and Charla and Creepy and Christie get off the gondola at the top of the mountain. As the teams are on the path up to the clue box, Colin mutters to Christie, "I am so serious, we have to beat the midget," and then he and Christie run past Mirna and Charla. Nice. Furthermore, Mirna's all, "Come on, Charla! Push through, honey," as if Charla needs motivational assistance, which she obviously does not. If she can overcome Mirna, that's really the biggest obstacle of all, so there you go.

Both teams pull the clue, and it's a Detour. The options are Smooth Sailing and Rough Riding. The first option is paragliding (tethered to an instructor) off a mountain; the second is a six-mile bike ride down the mountain. Yeah, there's a close call. That's barely even Reckless/Chicken. That's like Reckless/Triathlete. Whatever, Detour designers. Both teams choose the paragliding, with Charla, among other things, saying she can't ride the bikes, which is an interesting question of its own.

Christie and Creepy are the first to do the paraglide. Charla and Mirna are right behind them, and Mirna interviews that although she was scared and crying, she tried not to act scared so that Charla wouldn't be scared. Mirna? You are not Charla's mother, and Charla IS NOT SCARED. Jesus. Has she met Charla? Charla is a little person, not a little girl. "Charla," she calls out. "God be with you." Charla comes back with, "Don't worry, Mirna, we're going to make it. It's fine." See? She knows you're scared anyway, Mirna, so just don't try so hard. Mirna glides. Charla glides. I find myself really wishing they would quit it with the persecution complex (Mirna in particular, though not exclusively), because I think that otherwise, I might be able to find them endearingly wacky. But they really, really, really need to stop blaming other people for everything that happens and acting like angry three-year-olds when they don't get their way.

Brandon and Nicole are in the gondola to the top of the mountain when he looks out and sees the paragliders. "Oh, my gosh, Nic, look," he says. When they get to the top and pull the clue, they, too, select the paragliding. Bob and Joyce are pulling up to the flags at the bottom of the mountain, along with the Twinkies, Linda and Karen, and Chip and Kim. Marshall and Lance, meanwhile, are asking for directions, and Jim and Marsha are following their taxi driver. This is the portion of the episode in which they try to convince you that it is still possible that despite landing substantially after everyone else, Jim and Marsha may make it. Also known as The Later Part Of Every Boston Red Sox Season, Ever.

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