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Going, Going, Gondola

Jim and Marsha pull up to the mayor's office and run inside. They get their clue and go.

Back at the Roadblock, Linda finally finds a white center, and she squeaks (of course), then runs for it. Marshall flings a chocolate across the room in disgust. Hey, don't abuse the confections, dude. They are innocent bystanders, full of chocolaty goodness. At this point, Lance is forced to chuckle in a resigned fashion that Marshall is the only guy who can't find the white one. Linda and Karen leave in sixth place. "Should I even continue over here?" Marshall moans as Chip finds a white one and runs for it. Hee. "Just keep going!" Lance yells. Yeah. How about you keep going, ass.

Commercials. I don't care how open-minded you tell me to be; I am uncomfortable traveling next to a cartoon peanut. You just don't know who you can trust.

When we return, Marshall, who now looks like some kind of clinically depressed chef, asks Lance whether he should move to a different spot on the Great Chocolate Array. Lance thinks it's better to just keep working where he is. Marshall voices over about the "feeling of helplessness" that he got as teams came and went without his being able to find a white chocolate. "You do know what the color white is, right?" Lance says loudly through the glass, and Marshall looks up at him ominously, and then smiles a little. Finally, Marshall bites into one, gets up with great relief, and hands it in to get their clue. In their Jeep, Marshall again complains about the "random luck" at the Roadblock. Interestingly enough, the random luck didn't seem so stupid to him at the roulette Detour, when it benefited him. Go figure.

Jim and Marsha arrive at the chocolate factory. "Who's got a sweet tooth?" the clue reads. "You do!" Marsha chirps, probably because chocolate would make her fat. Jim agrees to do it. We watch him start to attack what's left of the chocolate. Considering that Marshall was kind enough to bite into about nine million of them, there aren't that many left.

Having navigated themselves to the mountain with surprising competency, Mirna and Charla arrive there in first place, with Colin and Christie just behind. Both teams walk up to the gondola together. They board and head up the mountain to receive their alien implants. Brandon and Nicole are just pulling up, and as they look for flags, Brandon thanks God. (God: "Don't look at me. I was busy hiding chocolates from Marshall.")

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