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Going, Going, Gondola

Mirna and Charla make a turn that appears to actually be correct, and Colin and Christie are just behind them. "Let's just make sure we beat 'em," Colin says, chewing on the map. No, really. Chewing. On. The map. (Creepy-Meter: "Weee-ooooh, weeeeee-ooooooh, weeeeee-oooooh.") Mirna notes that Colin is following them, and says, "Oh, man, we need to get there first." Of course, when people are following you, that's often what happens, so maybe she'll get lucky.

Back at the chocolate factory, Lance says he doesn't like sweets, so Marshall is fatefully sent in to deal with the Roadblock. He commences chomping. Meanwhile, Bob and Joyce find the mayor's office and then head for the chocolate factory, as do Linda and Karen, the Twinkies, and Chip and Kim.

Back at the Roadblock, Lance is harassing Marshall to go faster, and Marshall is protesting that he's going to "puke." Lance opines that it's taking far too long. Yeah. If you want to have good luck, don't yell "Bitch!" out of car windows, Sparky. Because surprisingly often, that'll happen.

Joyce takes the Roadblock for her team. As she runs in, Lance bitches that "everybody's catching up," and Marshall responds that he can do nothing -- "It's random luck." Which it is, if you leave out the fact that he's not going particularly quickly. As Marshall and Joyce stand there biting chocolates, Joyce suddenly yells, "Got it!", and she scoots. In fourth place, they run to their Jeep and take off.

At 1:45 PM, Jim and Marsha finally land. They get in their cab, and when Marsha asks her dad what he thinks they should do, Jim responds that they should hire a taxi to lead them to the mayor's office. I agree with this, basically -- you might as well deploy all your resources, because you have nothing to lose. Except, you know, the whole thing.

Roadblock. Marshall and Lance looking at each other miserably. Marshall taking his time. Linda, outside, agreeing to take the Roadblock. Inside, Karen asks Lance how long they've already been here, and he claims that it's been an hour. The Twinkies arrive next, and Kami runs in to do it. As she gets started and Linda keeps going, Marshall declares that he "can't do it." He leans against the table miserably. After being admonished by Karli to "stay focused" (DRINK!), Kami finally comes up with the white center. They leave. As they're running to their Jeep, Chip and Kim are pulling up. "Go, Twins, go!" Chip calls as he passes them. "Yeah, right," spits a running Twinkie. Chip takes the Roadblock for his team and winds up going through chocolates alongside a still-energetic Linda and a flagging Marshall.

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