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Going, Going, Gondola

Colin and Christie are the first to find the mayor's office, and as they get their clue, Colin congratulates the mayor on his "beautiful town." Eh. The mayor should have shushed him. They leave, and read a clue directing them to a "chocolate factory." Phil explains that there are a lot of chocolate stores in Bariloche, and they have to find a particular one that's only two blocks away. As Charla and Mirna pull up and go into the office, Colin and Christie get directions to the factory. They're the first to arrive there, and when they pull the next clue, it's a Roadblock. Phil explains that in this particular Roadblock, there are 11,000 pieces of chocolate laid out, 20 of which have white centers. One team member has to bite into pieces of chocolate from the pile until they find a white one. When they find it, they'll get their next clue. Sheesh, 11,000 pieces? And 20 white ones? I don't like those odds, nausea-wise.

Colin takes the Roadblock, and for whatever reason, is forced into not only an apron but a comical chef's hat before he can start biting. Christie watches through an interior window as he goes to work. (EEFP Zron: "This is not the last time that Colin and Christie are going to hold a conversation through a pane of glass. Of course, next time he'll be wearing an orange jumpsuit.")

Brandon and Nicole make a light that Marshall and Lance do not make. Ah, well. You can't always sponge off other people's information, now, can you? In a heavily chopped-up sentence, Nicole comments on her concern that they're going to look like they're "screwing people over," although in that situation, it looked like there was no "agreement," there was just a team that said it was going to try to follow them. As they say, there's no honor among leeches.

At the Roadblock, Charla blanches at doing it, but Mirna insistently barks, "I will vomit, Charla!" at which point, Charla relents. Because...when somebody pulls the vomit card, there's really nothing you can do. Furthermore, Mirna did the last one, so Charla knows she sort of needs to suck it up. (Uh, literally.) As Colin eats chocolates, a chef's-hatted Charla runs in with a stool, sets it down, and climbs up to reach the counter where the chocolates are. Mirna yells at her about how she doesn't have to eat them, she just has to bite them. Colin cracks up watching her, although in all honesty, they all look pretty damn stupid, so I can't really judge for that, even though he's pinging all over my Creepy-Meter. Charla complains about how disgusting it is, how she's going to throw up, blah dee blah. Charla does, however, find a white one fairly quickly, it appears, and she springs down from the stool (yikes) and runs out. Yeah, not so funny anymore, is it, Creepy-Creepy? Charla goes over and hands her clue to the "master," who is a little person also, as it turns out. (Note to production muckety-mucks: If that is, as reported, actually supposed to be an Oompa-Loompa joke? It is seriously beneath you, and it's time to stop drinking while planning tasks, because no, that is not funny.) Charla runs out and is subjected to being hugged by Mirna, who tells her what a great job she did. As they read their next clue, Phil explains that they'll have to drive 12 miles to Villa Catedral, where they'll take a gondola up a mountain.

Back at the Roadblock, Colin is irked to see that Christie is pacing around, not watching what's going into his mouth. He knocks on the glass insistently until she turns and looks. He makes the "Look" sign with his fingers pointing at his eyes. Oh, come on. Is he insisting that she watch everything he bites into? Can he not look at the pieces of chocolate? Is he too intense for that? ["And seriously, who makes that gesture besides phys-ed teachers who are simultaneously barking, 'Front and center!'? Nobody, that's who." -- Sars] Christie voices over that "Colin has a short fuse," and says that she'll be giving him "a little leeway" (emphasis hers) when he "gets frustrated." Hmmm. Don't like the sound of that one bit. All too often, "short fuse" is code for "tendency to belittle me when angry." Next, we see her call his attention to one of the chocolates, asking whether it was a white one. "Cream, was that cream?" "Whaaaat?" he says with great irritation, as if she's nuts. "No-o!" he shouts, kicking at the large pile of chocolates accumulating on the floor at his feet. So, let me get this straight. She's supposed to look, but if she thinks she sees one, she's not supposed to say anything, lest he scream at her? Okay, get it together, there, guy. You're coming off like a psycho, and I am not so much into "leeway."

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