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Jim voices over that they're still trying to stay positive, because they still have standby tickets on the 10:30 flight. Meanwhile, the 9:10 flight leaves. Next, the 9:40 flight leaves, carrying Marshall and Lance and Brandon and Nicole, who apparently got standby. Sadly, it isn't clear whether Jim and Marsha even pursued standby on the 9:40, or ever even knew about it. You certainly don't see them standing around at the standby counter. In fact, you don't see a lot of people around the standby counter, and it would be sad to think they could have made this flight if they'd asked.

The 10:30 flight carries Linda and Karen, Bob and Joyce, and Chip and Kim. And then, waiting for standby, are KamiKarli and Jim and Marsha. And who gets on the plane? The Twinkies. Awwww. Marsha looks shocked, which she shouldn't, because it looks like she was just about the last person to get herself on standby, so...there you go. Jim and Marsha do not make the flight. Dun-dun-duuun!

Commercials. Ron Livingston and...Brittany Murphy? What kind of a cosmic injustice is that?

We return to the sight of the 10:30 AM flight pulling out. Phil explains, with help from the Amazing Yellow, Red, and Orange Lines (a whole family of them! Now with little tiny planes in the front!), that eight of the nine teams are en route to San Carlos de Bariloche, on three flights. First flight is the 9:10, with Colin and Christie and Mirna and Schmirna. Er, "Charla." Second flight is the Southern Winds 9:40, carrying Marshall and Lance and Brandon and Nicole. Final flight is the 10:30, featuring the Screechy Moms, Bob and Joyce, Chip and Kim, and the Twinkies. Back at the airport, Marsha and Jim are getting themselves on a Southern Winds 11:30 flight. She speculates that they could still catch up, and will not be quitting. Sigh. Well, that's good, anyway. Their flight leaves at 11:30 AM.

In Bariloche, Mirna and Charla and Colin and Christie deplane and head across the parking lot to a row of white Jeeps. Mirna, providing information that you will really not need her to provide, says, "I've never driven a car quite like this before!" Colin and Christie, meanwhile, scope out one that has decent-looking tires before climbing in. Ooh, pretty smart. "I don't know how to drive this car," Mirna complains as she tries to start it and Colin and Christie get out ahead of her. Colin admires a lake as they cruise by it, and Christie agrees, so that he won't come at her with the shushing finger. Finally, Charla and Mirna are on their way, and Charla admires the natural beauty as well. Mirna is probably angry at the natural beauty for not being more helpful.

The second flight lands, and Marshall and Lance and Blue Lagoon walk through the airport on their way out. Brandon describes to Nicole the directions he got on the plane, and he explains in a voice-over that he met someone on the plane who explained to him exactly how to find the mayor's office when they get into town. Unsurprisingly, Marshall and Lance become aware of this and remark, "We're going to try to follow you." Brandon's like, "Uh, okay," because they didn't really ask, so much as inform.

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