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Charla and Mirna are at the Argentine Airlines counter, trying to work themselves onto the 9:10 flight. "I have to get to the doctor," Charla insists. (God: "What happened to all the fearing?") Unbelievable. Again, you can either bitch self-righteously about other people's lack of honor, or you can lie through your teeth and take advantage of the compassion of airline personnel to get your way. You can either choose to run the race like a racer (my personal preference), or you can run it like a Scout, but you cannot demand that you get to run like a racer and everybody else has to run it like Scouts. That is utter nonsense. Man, I do not like these girls at all. At. All. Charla voices over that they're trying to get help, and she says, "Usually, people help me when they see me." I'm not even going to keep track of the number of times they openly exploit Charla's size and the fact that people feel sorry for her, but I will say it's now pretty well-established that they are openly exploiting Charla's size and the fact that people feel sorry for her, which again is not such a great way of breaking stereotypes or proving how capable she is. She repeats again, "I need a doctoro." "Okay," the lady says, "I will give you a priority." That would be, presumably, a medical priority of some sort. I have to say, I understand about using all your advantages to get ahead, but I would certainly hate to see this show degenerate into people trying to find the sneakiest lie they can come up with to make people help them -- "You've got to get me out of town, my abusive husband is after me" or whatever. I don't find this kind of thing -- the phony medical emergency -- very entertaining or very satisfying. Furthermore, I do believe God makes a note of it in his Great Big Book of Fear This, Blondie.

Jim and Marsha actually look at their tickets at this point for the first time, and they discover that Marsha has a ticket at 9:10, and he and the crew have tickets at 10:30. But she has no ticket at 10:30, probably because, again, you cannot have tickets for both, or because the lady didn't realize she was saying she wanted tickets for both -- in which case it was Marsha's responsibility to check and make sure she got both tickets, given the strange nature of her request. Marsha finally gets on the stick about getting herself on the waiting list for 10:30, but by now, of course, that flight is sold out and other people (including the Twinkies) are on that waiting list ahead of her. She just bungled the airport, is all. Bungled it good. The lady tells her there's maybe a ten percent chance they'll make it onto the 10:30 flight. Aww.

At the standby counter for the 9:10 AM flight, the first people who are allowed on are Colin and Christie -- who appeared to ask first, as well as specifically asking to be put at the top of the list. Second on are Mirna and the Medical Emergency. Whatever. I hope they get airsick. These are the only two teams that are going to make the 9:10. Again, why Mirna's innate moral sense of "firsties" didn't kick in to prevent her from snaking ahead of Brandon and Nicole when they got themselves on the standby list before she did is...well, it's not clear, entirely.

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