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Back at the counter, Nicole confirms with Marsha that they're guaranteed for 10:30. Linda, meanwhile, explains that she booked herself and Karen, as well as Bob and Joyce, on the 10:30, too. Christie and Colin and Chip and Kim follow. The Twinkies, however, have to go standby on the 10:30, because Chip and Kim took the last confirmed seats. They speculate that they might be "screwed at this point." Hee hee, that's so sad, I can barely bring myself to grin from ear to ear.

5:30 AM. Mirna buys tickets for the 9:40 flight. Marshall and Lance get tickets on it as well. Nicole then comes up to that counter, and is told the flight is full. She asks to be put on standby for the 9:40 flight. Brandon, meanwhile, explains that he's in line for standby for the 9:10, so it looks like perhaps Marsha didn't get them on standby. Colin and Christie are trying to get on standby for that flight, too. "Please, por favor," Christie says, at which point Colin holds up his shushing finger. "Shhhh," he says. "Just stop talking, okay? Because you're real high-strung and it's stressing these people out." Yeah, you can keep the shushing finger to yourself, there, dear, if you don't want it broken off at the knuckle. What is she, eleven years old? Not to mention, "high-strung"? Coming from a person who calls himself "the most intense person to ever run the race," and who looks like he regularly grinds glass with his teeth? Shut up. As Christie looks at him most unhappily, Colin asks the ticket lady if they can be put at the top of the standby list for the 9:10, and the lady complies. He smiles coolly, because of course, it's easy to be nice to her. Someday, he's going to forget, and he'll be nice to Christie and shush the ticket agent, and he'll find himself on a one-way flight to Akron.

Brandon and Nicole then get themselves on standby as well. It certainly looks plausible to me that there could have been confusion over when tickets were being purchased as opposed to when standby was being achieved, to the point where I'm not at all convinced that Nicole was doing anything particularly awful when she told Mirna that Marsha wasn't buying her tickets. Obviously, Nicole at some point discovered she couldn't get on standby that way (thus, waiting in this second line), and that may have caused the dust-up. Either way, it's Mirna. Mirna hasn't exactly earned anyone's loyalty, so whatever.

Anyway, Brandon explains that they have tickets on the 10:30, and they're on standby for the 9:10 and 9:40. Nicole says it's an "emotional roller-coaster." And then, in seriously one of the funniest things they've ever done on this show, we cut to a shot of Brandon and Nicole looking softly upwards, as cranked-up sparkly light on the windows behind them overwhelms the shot and churchy music goes "Aaaaaaaah" in the background. Nicole explains in her voice-over that she's just asking the Lord to keep her calm and focused. And then we slide up from their upturned faces, to see that Brandon and Nicole are staring at the warm, celestial glow of the arrival/departure monitors. Wow. That was so brilliant I think I passed out. Dear Everybody Who Makes This Show: Be my Valentine. Love, Miss Alli.

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